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24 DIY Gifts For Him On Valentine’s Day 2024

The earliest description of February 14 as an annual celebration of love appears when Joseph Johnson, in his book, went forward to publish the famous Valentine’s Day poem

You are as sweet as the honey; the violet is blue, and the rose is red.

I drew thee to my Valentine after the lot was cast, and I drew, and luck indicated it should be you. Thou is my love, and I am thine.”

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him – 2024 Edition

Get ready to infuse your Valentine’s Day with love and uniqueness. We present DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him that speak volumes of love and devotion for your special someone.

1. DIY Card

A handmade card can never get out of trend. With time these have got more modernized and aesthetic. Preset your boyfriend with a cute handmade Valentine’s Day greeting card and take him by surprise.

2. Kissing Booth

The Kissing Booth DIY gift became very popular after the American teen romantic comedy film Kissing Booth, written and directed by Vince Marcello. You will need a mini wooden crate, ice cream sticks or craft sticks, and a pack of Hershey’s Kisses chocolate to make the booth. Assemble all the sticks to curate a booth, then fill it with the kisses chocolate. Write a note on the top ad it’s ready!

3. DIY Coasters With Wine Cork

Wine cork coasters are a great option to present to your loved one as a Valentine’s Day gift. Cork is an excellent coaster material and quick at absorbing water. It’s also quite bouncy and won’t make a noise or get damaged when dropped on the floor. You can paint it all yourself to amplify the vibe, adding the exclusive DIY touch.

4. Snickers Dumbbells

Another innovative idea in the DIY Valentine’s Day gifts list for him. This is a perfect gift for a gym freak boyfriend or husband. To make this, take a cardboard and cut out pieces. You will have to curate the shape of a dumbbell. Then attach the Snickers on the top of the dumbbell head, and voila your Snickers dumbbells are ready.

5. Choco Valentine Cookies

Buy ready-made cookie dough from the market or prepare one yourself. Cut the cookie dough with the heart-shaped cutter, bake it, and then, with the help of fondant cream, write some cute messages on it. Your tasty homemade treat is complete.

6.DIY Bracelet

A DIY bracelet can be a cute Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or husband who is fond of handcrafted jewelry. Crafting this project will be fun and interesting. It will help you showcase your creative side, making the other person understand how important the bond is for you.

7. Heart Blanket

How about a DIY heart blanket? Of all the gifts, it will be a charming Valentine’s Day surprise. The blanket will keep your loved one cozy and warm whenever they use it. For this project, all you need is a throw blanket, then start drawing cute heart shapes on it and paint them with the help of a paintbrush. Ensure you are using fabric paints!

8. Resin Paperweight Heart

Get raisin-made paperweights from the market. You can use one with a heart shape or anything else as available. Customize the paperweights with a message you want to share with your boyfriend or husband.

9. Melted Crayon Heart For Valentine

It’s a three-thing DIY Valentine’s Day gift for him. First, grab a canvas, hot glue the crayons on the top, and keep on blow-drying them until melted, turning into a beautiful rainbow. Put some of your pictures with your loved ones on the colored canvas. The overall arrangement is pretty simple but a heartfelt option to make them understand how deeply you feel for them.

10. Monogrammed Clay Keychain

A monogrammed keychain made of clay will be an aesthetically pleasing and cute Valentine’s Day gift for him! You can write some lovely messages on it or your boyfriend’s initials. Put the clay in the microwave for it to get hard, and then add a keychain. Voila, the gift is ready.

11. A Bottle Keychain With DIY Message

Do you want to create a DIY keychain Valentine’s Day gift? A Bottle Keychain With DIY Message is what you can make. It will take time, but we know you can finish. Insert your message inside a cute little bottle attached to the keychain and let your loved one carry it everywhere.

12. Map Picture Frame

Make a love story map picture map! Cut the map locations in heart shape, and write about the special moment you spent in that place. From your first date to the last cafes you ate, include them all for a great surprise.

13.Heart Bookmark

Is your loved one a bookworm? Then here’s a perfect gift for him. This heart-shaped bookmark will always remind him how special he is to you. Also, do not forget to buy him some of his favorite novels.

14. Rope Heart Coasters

You can use a rope to create heart-shaped coasters. They’re so adorable and very easy to make. And, of course, aesthetic, which your boyfriend will surely like.

15. Teacup Candles

If your special someone is also into aesthetics and fragrances, this DIY gift idea will be a hit. You can easily gift him special handmade teacup Candles. But make sure you are well accustomed to candle making to be able to curate the best results.

16. Mason Candy Jar Ideas With Funny Romantic Messages

When you have a long-distance relationship, this is a perfect DIY gift for him. A very simple way to express your love and affection towards him with cute messages.

17. Fingerprint Necklace

Boys are not into necklaces; some love to accessorize occasionally on a special day. Another cute and aesthetic addition to the DIY Valentine’s Day gifts list for him. If your special him loves to wear handmade jewelry, you only need to grab clay and a chain to make the sweet necklace. Take his fingerprint and yours on the damp clay and later surprise him with a beaded fingerprint necklace.

18. DIY Denim Keychains

You can easily make these fabric keychains. All you need is their old denim jeans, cut them, and sew them with a keychain. Also, add a piece from your old denim or an unused dress that was once a special date outfit to make things more emotional.

19. Map Rock Paper Weight

All you need is to print a map on the rock. The map will remind him about the special moment you had together in that specific location, whether it’s a first kiss or a first proposal. Well, this is not something you can make alone, but yes, the whole idea and your effort to help it make a place on the DIY Valentine’s Day gifts list for him.

20. Painted Mug

Grab your man’s favorite color and customize a coffee cup for him. You need not have to be a professional painter, but your efforts will count in the whole process. If unsure what to paint, just write a cute message for him or an emoji.

21. DIY Candy Jars

If your man has a sweet tooth, then here is the perfect gift waiting for him. Get a jar and fill it with all his favorite candies and chocolates. He will surely love the same.

22. DIY Miniature Notebook

Are you looking for something easy to create but great on emotional value? Try the DIY miniature notebook. All you need is paper, scissors, and glue. Cut out paper in small pieces, assemble them as a notebook, and glue all the pieces. Now use the pages to write cute messages for your special him.

23. Explosion Gift Box

A foldable gift box with pictures of you and him is a great option to surprise him on the special date. Also, you can fill in the middle part with chocolates or a DIY keychain.

24. Monthly Letters

If you are ready to go all out this Valentine’s Day, how about writing 12 love letters to your partner? He will be more than surprised and, of course, delighted. Get some handmade papers and write on them. Or you can also get the letters printed.

May you all have a great Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to give gifts to your loved ones.

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