3 Major Healing Techniques From Around The Globe

The human body tends to heal after a cut or an accident. Where new cells start to form and make it to the place of the wound, rebuilding the place as it used to be. Likewise, our emotions and thoughts also require healing after having gone through traumatized situations and conflicting affairs from external forces. The only difference in healing a person’s body and mind is that the first can be seen, and the latter depends on one’s beliefs. But both ways, healing needs time. It requires you to accept and embrace situations as they are. While we apply medicine to the wound of the injured person, helping him heal. Major healing techniques apply to the mind and heart to get the same relief.

A man saying his prayers
Healing is all about self-control and consistency

Here we have the three major healing techniques from around the globe, old and new. Read on and set yourself free on the wellness journey, planned and programmed as found relevant.


The first on our list, among the other major healing techniques, is the ancient Hawaiian prayer, with therapeutical values. It takes four simple steps for someone to start, following the basics of repentance, gratitude, forgiveness, and love. The most important part is that the entire process is indulgent, and you require no one to assist you through the journey.

Flowers are natural healers
Make peace with yourself

Just proceed by saying the words in your head, and the universe will take care of the rest. All you need to claim is that your soul is ready to feel and forgive, besides being open to love. Below listed are the four steps of Ho-oponopono:

  • I am Sorry (Repentance): While saying this, you need to take charge of the situation and feel responsible. It will help you to emphasize with the situations of others and take challenges seriously.
  • Please forgive me (Asking for forgiveness): Now is the time to ask for forgiveness. There is no specific person that we are asking you to seek forgiveness from. Just be sure of the same, feel it, and keep repeating it repeatedly.
  • Thank You (Gratitude): Say “Thank You” clearly. It does not have to be a specific person or a thing. Do it for yourself, and thank your body for bearing all the pain on your behalf. Thank God for being there and looking after you.
  • I love you (Love): Express love to the air you breathe and your surroundings. Also, the technique tells us to say “I love you” to our challenges and get those solved in real life. There is nothing more potent than love.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Simultaneously psychological tapping acupressure or tapping, the Emotional Freedom Technique does offer relief from emotional distress and physical pain. As per research, this has been used to treat people suffering from PTSD or anxiety issues.

healing techniques from around the globe
Believe in mother nature; she knows how to help you heal

There are five primary techniques for emotional tapping:

Issue Identification

You must identify your fear or issue at the beginning. This will be the primary focal point where tapping is needed to be done. Focus on one problem at a time and work on the outcome at a similar intensity.

Intensity Testing

Next, it is time for you to set an intensity level on a scale of 0 to 10. With a benchmark, you can keep track of the progress levels once the entire EFT sequence has been completed.

The Setup

This is the stage where you must develop a fixed phrase, i.e., “Even though I have a problem or fear, I do accept myself.” You can also add your personalization and release the distress as applicable.

Tapping Sequence (EFT)

You will tap on nine meridian points within this EFT system. Here is the list of the nine points that it focuses on:
● The Small Intestine: Karate Chop
● Governing Vessel: Top of the Head
● Bladder: Eyebrow
● Gallbladder: Side of the eye
● The Stomach: Under the eye
● Governing Vessel: Under the nose
● Central Vessel: Chin
● Kidney: Beginning of the Collarbone
● Spleen: Under the Arm
While tapping through the meridian points, keep reciting your reminder phrase and repeating the same sequence twice or thrice.

The Final Intensity

In the end, rate your intensity level from 0 to 10 and compare it with the initial stage. Keep on repeating until you reach 0.

The Traditional OM Exercise

As per several traditions and the sacred beliefs of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, chanting OM or “Aum” will help us energize our minds and body. Also, the same is referred to as the first sound of the Universe, connecting living beings with nature and surroundings.

major healing techniques
Chanting OM will help you calm your mind

Here are the benefits of chanting OM, also explaining why it is termed the best practice to heal:

  • You can calm your mind: When you aim to manifest positive things, chant OM. Besides the same will also help you attract positive energy and control anger levels.
  • Control anxiety and stress: It is evident that reciting the OM mantra purifies your surroundings and generates a positive vibe for you to feel. With daily practice, your mind finally gets to focus on one thing at a time.
  • Good for bowel health: According to research, chanting the OM mantra has been beneficial for stomach health, relaxing the muscles as applicable.

Healing takes time and thorough practice. Keeping patience and being consistent with your goals will help you proceed miles. However, you must be thorough with the major healing techniques to make the process seamless. Here’s hoping the list was helpful enough, making your pathway clearer and better than the rest.

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