Premature Menstruation

Reasons Some Girls Get Early Puberty! Reasons Behind Premature Menstruation Cycle! What Makes It So Important?

Millions of Indian children, according to an analysis by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), are affected by premature menstruation. It is a rising concern. It can have negative effects like shorter final adult height, premature bone maturation, low self-esteem, and anxiety in children. This emphasizes how much more help and instruction are required.

What Is Premature Menstruation?

Girls often experience menarche between the ages of 10 and 15. However, premature menstruation occurs when girls begin menstruating before the age of eight. It is sometimes referred to as early or precocious puberty. Presently, a growing proportion of females are starting their menstrual cycle as early as age 6 or 7.

Causes Of Premature Menstruation

Here is a list of causes that lead to premature menstruation

Childhood Obesity

According to Dr. Chawla, an elevated estrogen production can lead to precocious puberty. Dr. Asha Dalal serves as the director of obstetrics and gynecology of the Well Woman Center at the Sir H N Reliance Hospital. According to her, the BMI of many children is rising due to the consumption of high-calorie food and less activity. Fast foods are high in calories and harmful fats that lead to hormonal disorders affecting menstruation.


Genetic factors influence the beginning of puberty, and in girls with an ancestral background of early puberty, menstruation also tends to begin sooner. 

Chronic Stress

Persistent stress can cause hormonal imbalances. It can affect when a person reaches puberty by upsetting the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, according to Dr. Chawla. A spike in girls starting their periods early was linked to psychological effects like stress and weight gain. It began with the lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Substances That Alter Hormones

Chemical types, such as bisphenol A and phthalates, are commonly found in ordinary items.  Even several personal hygiene products imitate estrogen and other hormones that are found in our bodies naturally. They cause early puberty by interfering with the reproductive system’s natural development. 

Socioeconomic Status

The beginning of an early menstrual cycle may also be influenced by urbanization, socioeconomic conditions, and media exposure that contains excessively sexualized themes. 

Side Effects Of Early Puberty And Premature Menstruation

Girls who have premature menstruation may have a variety of negative effects on their health and general well-being. Females can find it challenging to start their menstrual cycle early since they may not be psychologically ready for it.

Early puberty may hasten the growth of the skeleton, perhaps reducing adult height, according to Dr. Shreya Gupta, Consultant at Birla Fertility & IVF. It can be caused by several circumstances, including childhood diseases, abrupt weight changes, and stress, which can alter the brain’s ability to regulate menstruation. 

Girls experience mental and physical difficulties as a result of these early changes, including mood swings. Inconsistencies are frequent during the first two years after menarche. They are caused by both external causes like stress or changes in routine and hormonal swings. Nonetheless, persistent anomalies may indicate thyroid issues or hormonal imbalances, requiring medical intervention. Early puberty in females may increase the likelihood of developing metabolic disorders, breast cancer, and cardiovascular diseases in later life.

The experience might make it difficult for girls to empathize with their classmates, negatively impacting their relationships and social interactions. Parents should encourage healthy behaviors like frequent exercise and a nutritious diet. They also should watch the foods and items their children are exposed to.

Dr. Manpreet Sodhi emphasizes the importance of consulting a healthcare professional for children experiencing early onset puberty or premature menstruation. Females can gain a better understanding of the reproductive system through emotional support, education on early puberty, and timely treatment.

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