The bionic reading method can help restore one’s reading abilities

Do you struggle with reading but are still curious about “the bionic reading method?” Well, then, congratulations, you have already made it through the very first step. This (the first sentence) is how a sentence from a bionic reading text will look like.  

Interesting right? And that is how bionic reading claims to help you read seamlessly. Developed for the first time in 2016 by Renato Casutt, a Swiss entrepreneur, bionic reading has already made its way through the media attention. 

The bionic reading method
Example of Bionic reading method. Image Source:

So for people questioning, “how does bionic reading work?” The entire technique is focused on helping us read fast. What Casutt calls “fixation points” helps our brain complete a word or a full sentence before our eyes can finish reading. 

Why do people find it difficult to read? The various types of reading disorders

You might have faced it yourself or encountered someone who finds it difficult to read. At times for a child, the reason is a lack of attention or hyperactivity. However, it can be a disease or serious mental illness in adults.

various types of reading disorders
People face multiple reading disorders

Here is a list of various reading disorders:

  • Problem with word recognition or Dyslexia: The person finds reading difficult despite being assisted with proper instructions. Their brain cannot make it through difficult spellings and distinguishing between similar-looking alphabets.
  • Hyperlexia or specific comprehension deficit in reading: The person suffering from hyperlexia struggles to listen or read through comprehension. They also find it problematic to pass through reading fluency tests and all forms of cognitive, social, and linguistic skill development.
  • Dysgraphia: Symptoms of Dysgraphia can affect a person single-handedly or come teamed up with Dyslexia. The individual finds it difficult to deal with learning aspects that are spelling based or in linguistic format.
  • Dysorthography: The learner finds it difficult to encode phonological information or learn new spellings. Difficulties faced with learning new spellings can have an adverse effect on the writing and reading skills of the learner. These people also find it difficult to memorize words not spelled too often.

Bionic reading method – Background

After reading so far, if you are still asking, “is bionic reading real?” Well, then, you must take a look at the website itself. Here, he has mentioned the entire story of developing this bionic reading method from the beginning. Finally, he has gained all the courage to come up with the first product launch.

Background of Bionic reading method
Bionic reading is real

Also, he has promised to facilitate a better, faster, distraction-free, and deeper reading sense with the bionic method. As evident, Casutt did go on with the launch of this big idea after having it tested on a group comprising just twelve readers. Out of the entire group of subjects, the majority did have a positive effect. However, some did find the same disturbing, coming to the disparities in the display.

Moving on, Casutt claims that the particular reading method will greatly help the ones with dyslexia and hyperactivity disorder.

Bionic reading method – Who will it help?

The activity of reading does induce calm and peace into one’s mind. It helps a person learn new things and gain adequate knowledge. The more a person reads, the better he gets on a subject, able to expand his knowledge about new avenues. However, there are some for whom reading is quite a difficult task to pass through. Challenging their attention span and overall power to concentrate. Well, bionic reading can be an efficient solution to the same.

Who will get help from Bionic reading method
The Bionic reading method helps with multiple disorders

Is bionic reading good for dyslexia?

In Dyslexia, one talks about the learning disabilities faced by a person. The individual faces trouble with their reading pace and cannot move forward without making a mistake. These people face hard times when going through comprehension, writing paragraphs, and spelling. But these people are quite intelligent, on the other hand.

Here, one can trust bionic reading because of the highlighted portions within. It is a fact that dyslexic person fails to distinguish between similar-looking alphabets like ‘b’ and ‘d’. With bionic words and sentences, one can get access to writeups in a highlighted form, making it easy for the learner to understand.

But remember, because the process is new, it will require the guardians or trainers of a dyslexic person to introduce one to the same. And over trial and error, one can gain a complete understanding.

Bionic reading method and the neurodivergent readers

The brain of a neurodivergent focuses on information in its typical ways, different from the regular. These people generally have difficulties with learning, maintaining their attention, and dealing with obsessive-compulsive disorders. Also, one can find Tourette’s syndrome within the same.

As already highlighted, bionic reading comes with special focus points on every word, these people might find it easy to motor through. Because of the simple technique involved, one can vouch for the same.

Bionic reading method – Availability

As the website claims, the bionic reading method is like a surf boat that proceeds by gliding above the tip of the wave. You can avail of the same over the tablet, laptop, mobile, and PC as applicable. Available for both Android and iOS devices, besides an extension on Google Chrome.

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