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The Modern Generation Is Switching To Monk Mode! But How?

The modern-day lifestyle keeps you hooked by the phones and gadgets around. People find it difficult to avoid the social world and endless scrolling. But at some point in time, all this needs to come to an end. The priority shall be goals and enhanced productivity. Monk mode can help you with the same. Wondering how? Read on to know more.

First, let’s look at the meaning of “Monk.” It comes from the Latin word “monachus,” meaning being alone. A monk chooses self-isolation and voluntary exclusion from society. He decides to live a solitary life, with severe discipline and abstinence from indulgence.

The monk mode approach is a period of enhanced discipline, focus, and productivity where you commit to a particular objective. Blending the same with modern-day lifestyle helps in self-improvement and better persuasion of specific goals. Depending on how important the goal is to you, adjust the hours, days, weeks, months, or years you want to spend in monk mode.

How To Activate Monk Mode?

When it comes to blending monk mode with that the modern lifestyle, people are often clueless. They often ask, “how to go monk mode?” One can dedicate a few hours to absolute isolation and solidarity and gradually tick off goals.

  • You can always write your goals for the day on paper and then switch into monk mode to achieve them one after the next.
  • Start short. You can set the alarm on your phone for a few hours of non-stop work and then take five minutes break.
  • While working on a project, avoid social media notifications, background noise, and procrastination.
monk mode approach
You can keep a fix time of the day to practice monk mode

Another question “can you listen to music in monk mode?” Well, the idea is to enhance your focus and cut off distractions. If your music has something to do with the task, then you can go for the same. Otherwise, do not let anything hamper your productivity and defocus you from the disciplinary path you are walking.


There are several benefits that you will get to indulge in:

  • An increase in the sense of priority and focus. Because monk mode will help you tick off daily priorities and achieve long-term goals, increasing levels of Dopamine in your body. Within a matter of time, you will notice your personality, only focusing on goals and taking all the effort required to succeed.
  • The sleep cycle improves. Your mind is calm, and there is a sense of achievement. You have spent your last 24 hours being productive and investing in self-growth.
how to go monk mode
The image of self improves, and there is more clarity
  • You spend most of your time awake at work, being productive. Now, there is less room for procrastination, self-doubt, and overthinking. Which overall leads to lowering anxiety levels and depressive thoughts alike.
  • So far, people practicing monk mode have experienced improved physical health and clarity. Cutting off all those social media, OTT platforms, and endless game series, brings independence, making them live as they want.

Well, humans are social beings, and it s obvious that they might feel lonely by cutting off so much out of their life. But, when you have greater goals, such sacrifices will lead you toward betterment and self-growth.

Combining Monk Mode and Pomodoro Technique

While you can invest days, weeks, and months in monk mode, it is also possible to start on a short base and keep it close to some 25 minutes bracket. Otherwise known as the Pomodoro technique, it is a modern-day time management method where you can decide to work for 25 minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes. Each break you take, terms as pomodoro, the Italian word for tomato.

Francesco Cirillo came up with this technique during the 1980s when he, as a student, organized his study schedule using a tomato-shaped kitchen timer. With this, you can complete more work in less time. Ultimately, there is a greater sense of achievement and fewer reasons for burnout.

Combining Monk Mode and Pomodoro Technique
Set small goals for long-term benefits

There are five incremental processes available in the pomodoro technique, which goes as follows:

  • Internal process: Improve productivity by developing an effective relationship with time.
  • Core process: Focus on the tasks and achieve adequate goals with less effort.
  • Daily process: Devise a daily routine and efficiently complete multiple tasks.
  • Weekly process: Set a comprehensive plan for the week and finish up multiple goals.
  • Team process: Help an entire team achieve deadlines utilizing the Pomodoro technique.

Work on tasks until you hear the alarm. Take breaks and start again.

White monk mode is about prioritizing your goals. The pomodoro technique helps you schedule a regular flow. You can complete projects and submit tasks per the deadline by the end. Thus achieving a greater sense of success and clarity in life.

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