The truth behind a modern woman not wanting to have babies

Accepting motherhood must come naturally to a modern woman. That is how society thinks. Since childhood, a girl is taught to have a baby, and often the terms womanhood and motherhood are used quite synonymously. It is something that every female goes through, and denying indulgence leads to society considering it a taboo, stereotyping the rule breaker.

However, modern women continue to segregate between motherhood and identity, saying no to the rules made by society. And that has been quite evident in the reports on age-wise fertility rates. As per WHO, there has been a steady decrease in fertility rates since 1964. Also, the international map of motherhood shows that the average age of a new mother having her first baby is 31.

Now the real question is, what makes young women behave in such a way? Read on, and you will get to discover the adequate.

Climate change

Women under 30 are part of various environmental groups. And are concerned about the climate-related changes that our Earth is undergoing. In total, 6,500 respondents answered a “The Australian Conservation Foundation and 1 Million Women” survey, revealing that modern women are reconsidering motherhood because of the alarming climate changes around them. These women are concerned about the type of weather and other climatic conditions their children will face.

motherhood and identity
Woman activists do fight for natural laws and make sacrifices for the Mother Earth

These respondents (women) or their close ones have undergone climate-related anxiety, which brought them to such a decision. The survey did reveal the top three responses, backing up such a statement. Check out the space below:

  • 5,163 claimed to have faced anxiety or worry about climate change and the future.
  • 4,142 are concerned about the rise in electricity charges due to an increased demand for cooling and heating.
  • Finally, 4,342 respondents have faced heatwave-related discomfort and record-breaking hot temperatures.

Only 2.8% out of all did respond to have not faced any of the same.

Career choices of a modern woman

A modern woman is ambitious, she loves to have it all. Making and living for the career of her dream forms an important milestone in her life. But why did she give up on motherhood, and has society something to do with her decision?

In this aspect, the Princeton study did reveal a lot. Women get to face discrimination (in the form of wages) from their employers when undergoing labor. It is true that women lose their earring abilities by 20% once they become a mother. In contrast, the male counterparts do not face any such change.

modern woman and her career choices
The modern woman known what it takes to be economically independent

Another study put forward by Cornell University did highlight the fact that it is not easy to get back to work after maternity leave or to take a few years off to raise your child. The study revealed shocking evidence of mothers being penalized and discriminated against on various measures. This includes questioning the accountability of their work and not paying the salary these hardworking employees deserve. Also, few of the respondents did answer that the rate of getting a call back after an interview was twice in situations where they have not mentioned the child. On the contrary, the male counterparts or the fathers were not made to face such discrimination.

Because the cost of educating a girl and a boy is the same. And in most circumstances, the female as a student also has to undergo various forms of discrimination. Women are no mode to sacrifice or compromise. When asked to choose between motherhood and identity, they will choose the latter anytime.

Economic Insecurities of a modern woman

A modern woman mostly belongs to a liberal family with supportive parents. From the very childhood, these girls are taught to be independent, bearing their charges. Now, when it comes to having a baby and starting a family, these women work toward collecting ample amounts of funds. And in most cases, this waiting period exceeds the age of menopause, making the women live without a child.

women and their economic insecurities
The modern women wants to save enough and then have a child

A survey undertaken by SoFi and Modern fertility did come up with similar results,

  • Where 49% of the respondents (women) nodded yes to delaying their parenthood because of financial stability.
  • While 60% wanted to save more money and
  • 51% wanted to bag a job with a high salary

Also, the modern family structure has changed, and there are instances of women getting abandoned by their male partners during pregnancy. Because giving birth to a child is not cheap, and only alone in the USA, a cesarean birth costs around 5,100 dollars. And the same fee can exceed 10,000 dollars without insurance.

Past traumas and the effect of Tokophobia

Have you heard about the term Tokophobia? It is the extreme fear of childbirth, and there are two forms. The first one is the women who have never undergone the process of pregnancy. And the latter is the one who has undergone a traumatized experience during her first pregnancy.

the tokophobia effect
Tokophobia is a psychological condition

Around 14% of women on an international scale suffer from Tokophobia, which is most common among the ones who have never given birth. The condition is quite different from the natural sense of fear, and below are all the causes defined:

Loss of control, privacy, or dignity

Women with Tokophobia symptoms might have come across writings related to childbirth in detail. And the stories of pain and labor do overwhelm them. Others feel shame about getting examined vaginally or exposing their vaginal passage in front of the doctor while giving birth.

Also, many do not want to lose control and want the medical team to abide by their comfort zone. And with the rising consciousness of consent among modern-day women, more girls are not ready for forced motherhood. They want their own will to be the primary driving force in their life.

Psychological issues in a modern woman

Women suffering from psychological issues, like low self-esteem and lack of support from the family, are also found to suffer from Tokophobia.

A history of rape and sexual abuse in adult life or during childhood also has much to do with someone suffering from Tokophobia. These women feel threatened all the time and do find it hard to get over their memories. When made to take a dorsal position and expose the genital region to the doctor, these women feel threatened.

Fear of getting harmed

Mostly highly educated or completely uneducated women are seen to go through Tokophobia. Also another trait is these women are socially or economically disadvantaged. There are many who have heard about childbirth being traumatic or have witnessed someone close.

Also, many are not that accustomed to physical pain and are fearful of a situation like C-sections. On the other hand, many fear the process of natural childbirth.

A modern woman knows how to deal with her life’s various ups and downs. She dares to take her own decisions and live for the life she has been working hard so far. However, in the name of embracing motherhood, society tries to enclose these free souls within a claustrophobic whereabouts. But the woman does know how to free herself and live for the greater picture.

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