20+ Pinterest Alternatives For Art & Inspiration

Do you have a fetish for aesthetic setups? Well, Pinterest must have been your go-to app in that case! Since its launch date – March 2010, Pinterest has taken the internet by storm. From ideas for daily lifestyle to important tips on health, Pinterest covers you always. The app is a one-stop solution to your everchanging moods and acts as a hub for recent trends. However, it is a natural human instinct to look for variants. Also, at times, it is the complex user interface of Pinterest making it difficult for the users to navigate. Don’t worry. We have you sorted with the best Pinterest alternative options available. Allow us to read you through the exclusives available:


Behance is an online social network and platform designed specifically for creative people. Here, you can connect with other industry experts and showcase your work to them. Professional artists, designers, photographers, and even a regular creative person can use the portal to exhibit their portfolios and creative achievements. Behance is renowned for its user-friendly layout. You get to explore a vast array of artistic creations and their creative assets.

We Heart It

We Heart It has an amazing collection of pictures and artwork for you to explore. If you are in search of aesthetically pleasing ideas, this is the place. Here, you will find an intuitive combination of striking imagery with engrossing graphics. Sign up, explore, and share your artwork with a community of like-minded people. Also, you get to interact with others who have similar creative interests.


Another interesting Pinterest alternative is Pearltrees! Here, you can share everything creative of choice. As an intuitive intersection of AI, cloud technology, and mainstream social media, Pearltees assures a unique value proposition of creative ideas.


A paradise for foodies! FoodGawker features beautifully chosen food pictures together with simple-to-follow recipes. From easy appetizers to delectable desserts you will be definitely spoilt of choices. Also, users can participate by sharing photos, leaving comments, and following their favorite chefs in FoodGawker‘s vibrant community.


Dribble is a creative hub for engineers, designers, and inventors. Here, you get to view a vast array of artistic inspirations differentiated for every mood type. The platform is a great space to gain insights into typography, pixel art, web design, and other fields and facilitates projects of similarity. Because of its clear emphasis on designing, Dribble is a vibrant source of inspiration for designers a perfect go-to Pinterest alternative always.


Flipboard is for bloggers and marketers, enabling them to share content and increase website traffic without being limited to any particular niche. It is well-known for being one of the main drivers of traffic for a variety of content categories, including food, tech, politics, and lifestyle.


Mix, formerly known as StumbleUpon, generates a lot of traffic for photos and artwork. Based on the social media concept, the app allows you to select from various themes. Also, it facilitates easy sharing of the curated content material to help you grow your audience.


Designspiration, a designer hub, features diverse visual content, including images, graphics, and typography. Explore categories with tailored searches using keywords and colors, saving discoveries in collections. The feed spans art, architecture, and photography.


By grouping images and videos into more than ten categories, Dudepins showcases men’s interests in food, fashion, and hardware. With an intuitive user interface, the platform turns out to be a great Pinterest alternative, where you get to curate personal montages. You can register with ease using email, Facebook, or Twitter, and the site preserves a refined tone free of clichés and memes.


The ideal place to find the most “manliest content on the web.” Gentlemint, a counterpart to Pinterest, has memes and ideas about drink, international cuisine, automobiles, and entertainment. An interesting Pinterest alternative here: instead of using pins, you get to save and share mustaches, integrating a classic sense of comedy with a rustic look.


Depositphotos has 160+ million assets in its database, including vectors, movies, and royalty-free stock images. Similar to Pinterest, it features a “Favourites” option for organized folders. Users can purchase, explore, and share design concepts with features similar to those on Pinterest. Small and adaptable, Depositphotos satisfies a variety of creative needs.

Inspiration Grid

In 2011, Inspiration Grid was established as a web magazine showcasing global creative talent in graphic design, art, architecture, and automotive design. Now, you get access to a digital interface! The user-friendly online magazine with an “Editorial” tag informs you of recent advancements. It provides daily doses of art, illustration, design, and more, everything aesthetic and soothing.


Juxtapost prioritizes sharing and classifying photographs into 15+ categories. As a Pinterest alternative here, you also get a “More Like This” feature, which is easy to use and simple for people to collaborate. Over the platform, you can store your favorites, make boards, and share ideas with people.


Fancy, a chic Pinterest alternative, offers a sophisticated magazine-like interface for style enthusiasts and shoppers. With an image search option, users get to explore personalized categories – home décor and clothing. They can also opt for direct purchase or save items as “Fancy” for later. In contrast to Pinterest, Fancy prioritizes creating lists and sharing products, providing a curated shopping experience for trendy apparel and well-designed goods.


It is a visual bookmarking tool equipped with collaborative features. You are offered access to visually engaging ways of organizing and sharing bookmarks. Use their explore option to get hold of various ideas. Also, one can share inspirations over social media platforms or emails.


Ello is a minimalist, ad-free social platform designed for artists and designers to showcase their work. The platforms offers a clutter-free environment, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly experience. Curated for artists, it is an ideal place to showcase creativity and visual expression that you have in your head.


Folkd is a visually engaging social bookmarking site blending traditional bookmarking with visual elements. Users can curate their own collections out of the resources available. Since 2008, 8 million+ users have trusted the platform so far.


VisualizeUs is a visual bookmarking site crafted for creative inspiration, enabling users to bookmark and organize images for creative ideas visually. It offers a space to curate and share visual inspirations, serving as a valuable resource for those preferring a visually-driven approach to bookmarking and collecting creative content.


Are.na is a collaborative platform for creative thinking and organization, enabling users to share, organize, and connect ideas seamlessly. With a dedicated focus on fostering creativity, it comes as a space for individuals and teams to collaborate on projects, explore diverse topics, and build a collective repository of knowledge and inspiration.


It is a customizable start page for bookmarking and inspiration. A great Pinterest alternative that allows users to tailor their browsing experience. You can continue with choices that are in alignment with your individual preferences and sources of inspiration.


Pikiz empowers individuals for diverse purposes, emphasizing simplicity and accessibility in enhancing visual communication. It serves as a valuable resource for crafting visually compelling content tailored for online sharing and effective communication.

Creativity has no bounds. It is beyond regular definition and is seamless. While Pinterest has a lot of options for taking care of your creative interest, the alternatives are no less. So wait no more download any one among these and start your journey today.

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