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15+ Benefits Of Using WhatsApp Web For Business Communication

As of February 2020, 2 billion users were using WhatsApp daily, including operating the app on their mobile and PCs. The WhatsApp Web App for PC or laptop is a tailored tool catering to businesses of varying sizes. With it, organizations get to share files directly from their PCs, receive and send messages, and make voice and video calls. It’s a comprehensive avenue for the market geeks to catch up with their clients seamlessly. Also, as an alternative to regular emails, WhatsApp is always more accessible. The list continues further; here, we have curated the most important benefits available. If you haven’t tried the WhatsApp web, this is the time to do so, provided all the whys are answered in this space.

An Efficient Communication System

WhatsApp is a common app that people have access to all the time. In that case, businesses find it the most convenient space to reach out to potential or existing clients. From lead generation to after-purchase support, WhatsApp acts as a convenient space.

Multi-Device Access

WhatsApp, as a social media app helps executives and companies to connect with a wider audience using various devices, with the help of WhatsApp web scanners. WhatsApp allows users to use its web version on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. A customer care executive can link up their WhatsApp account to 4 devices at once using WhatsApp web scanner.

Easy Reach

According to the data, 80% of the users read their WhatsApp messages in the first five minutes. This offers the company a vast time window to share marketing messages! Messages sent over WhatsApp have a 45-60% click rate and 98% open rate.

Security And Trustworthiness

Users enjoy that all their official messages are confidential, and WhatsApp allows end-to-end encryption. From a business mindset, WhatsApp web is secure enough to send and receive confidential information. As a business, organizations can also apply for the WhatsApp green tick – extra reassurance.

GRPR Compliant

Using WhatsApp Web for business allows identity verification for the parties involved. Customers have the power to impact a business directly! When used correctly, businesses get to gain their client’s trust and let the person, on the other end, have the free will to continue or unsubscribe from the system.

Supports Two-Way Communication

Customers can initiate contact without visiting the business’s official website. Thus increasing the likelihood of gaining and retaining a valuable customer base. According to a study, 53% of consumers prefer shopping from a company that allows direct messaging.

Interactive Contents

The WhatsApp Business app stands out due to its diverse range of formats and interactive content features available for business messages. Businesses can engage with the target audience in multiple ways, from sending lists, links, and images to videos and attachments. One can also forward brochures and feedback forms to speed up processes.

Expanded Multichannel Strategy

WhatsApp provides a convenient and straightforward method to broaden your multichannel strategy and enhance customer engagement in new markets. It serves as a support and marketing channel, allowing you to address inquiries, resolve concerns, process orders, and send updates. Everything is possible while conducting serious marketing campaigns through direct messages.

Automated Responses

WhatsApp Web for Business has intuitive automation features and prepared responses to streamline customer support. This reduces the workload, automating tasks on odd hours and busy days. Businesses can also take things a step further by automating an onboarding sequence. They can choose the web to introduce services to new customers or collect feedback.

Reaches To International Audience

Always relying on phone numbers could be risky sometimes, but WhatsApp allows users to connect with their customers irrespective of their country code. In contrast, the costs may differ based on the recipient’s country. You have the freedom to message individuals worldwide using a single account.

Feasible Way To Market One’s Brand

Getting WhatsApp Web for business provides extensive opportunities for engagement. It includes sending outbound notifications, reminders, two-step authentication, and status updates. Integrating WhatsApp Web into your communication strategy can be a more convenient alternative to spamming customers with excessive emails.

A Convenient Way To Enhance Brand Visibility

Another significant advantage of having a business account on WhatsApp is it helps you with enhanced brand visibility. Each WhatsApp business account features a branded business profile that includes multimedia components – product images, logos of the brand, and gifs, along with the website URL and physical office address.

Easy Subscription Management Through QR Code

The popularity of QR codes skyrocketed during the pandemic, and their usage has become more widespread. They are a convenient method to seamlessly transition potential customers from offline interactions to a digital platform. With WhatsApp Web for business, sending QR codes to individual clients and continuing with seamless payments is easy.

Fair Pricing

Even a small, local business can benefit from WhatsApp Web Business, as charges are only based on the customer messages sent or received, with no additional fees. Furthermore, sending quotas increases automatically with quality content and good engagement, rewarding marketing efforts with more opportunities.

WhatsApp web

Video And Voice Call Availability

Options of Video and Voice calls are an additional perk, helping users connect with their customers and partners in business. Be it any place within the same nation or international space, conducting international video conferences and audio calls over the web is easy.

Better Management

WhatsApp Web works as a centralized chat box for businesses. Everything is available in one place without hassle, from the very first message to the latest updates. All one has to do is scroll through the messages and take the necessary steps.

Does Not Require An IT Professional

Individuals from any background can help you operate WhatsApp Web for your business. The platform has a user-friendly interface.

WhatsApp over time has made it to the list of must have apps in one’s mobile, owing to the wide variety of features it comes loaded with. Now, you can also include the same in your business and get the most out of the exclusives available in the market.

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