24 DIY Gifts For Her On Valentine’s Day 2024

Giving your significant other a handcrafted Valentine’s Day present is a charming way to express your love. The most memorable presents are Handmade Valentine’s Day gifts that are personalized for the recipients. Nothing says “I love you” better than a handcrafted gift for your special someone on Valentine’s Day if you want to surprise her. No doubt, girls are always seen planning – coming up with the best DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Why not surprise her this time? We have a comprehensive list curated:

Wire Heart Ring

diy valentine's day gifts for him

Presenting her with a ring is one thing, but making her one yourself is a whole other story! This delicate and modest heart ring, made from copper wire, is surprisingly simple to assemble.

Candy Bouquet

Do you want to offer her something more profound than a box of chocolates for her sweet tooth? Try making this adorable bouquet of candies. Adorn it with all of her preferred brands. It could also be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him DIY if he has a sweet tooth!

Photo Strip In A Box

It’s a cute approach to gift her some of your shared memories. Attach the most beautiful photos to a lengthy strip of paper using photo-safe adhesive. After that, fold the pictures in half and put them in a box.

Handmade Card

Often, a simple card can be sufficient, especially if handmade. Pen down some of your inside jokes, maybe a clever pun or just a few meaningful lines about how much she means to you.

Handmade Photo Collage

Make a heart-shaped collage with photos of you and your partner on a blank canvas. Frame it using wooden sticks and include a letter along. Your girlfriend will be teary-eyed for sure.

Spa Day In A Box

Gift her one of these adorable “spa day in a box” so she can have a spa day without ever leaving the house. Just pick out a gorgeous box and stuff it full of indulgent treats like bath salts, face masks, and some of her preferred chocolates.


Memories make for the most beautiful presents. Compile snapshots of your treasured memories and put together a lovely scrapbook. This DIY gift may take time, but it will be worth the wait. Another inspiration for one of the DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him, if you are a girl reading this.

Love Letter In A Bottle

One of the old-school ways of expressing your love is through love letters- and better yet, in a glass bottle! Write sweet messages to your sweetheart and make their day.

Hand-Painted Couple T-Shirts

Consider the T-shirt a blank canvas that you may decorate with amusing expressions or images to provide that unique touch of affection.

Coupon Book

Consider creating a coupon book with coupons for services like “candlelight dinner” and “foot massage.” These vouchers are incredibly inexpensive to make, and your darling can spend them whenever they choose.

Things I Love About You Jar

Take a mason jar and fill it with little notes on everything you love about her. Let her know how much you appreciate her and make her feel loved when she’s having a bad day.

DIY Hand Painted Clay Heart Necklaces

Handmade, hand-painted clay heart necklaces are the ideal do-it-yourself gift! These tiny heart charms are very easy to make and can be used for a variety of Valentine’s Day decorations.

Photo Candle Holder

This adorable present only requires a clear jar and a picture of the two of you. Stick the photo to the jar and place a candle inside. Your love will appreciate the gift you’ve given them.

Gift Basket

Fill a basket to the brim. Put together a note, lip balm, earbuds, little snacks, and other treats. Then, tie a ribbon on top!

Homemade Valentine’s Bath Bombs

Homemade Valentine’s bath bombs are a wonderful way to treat yourself and your special someone. They are quite simple to make. Paired with candles and relaxing music

Keepsake Treasure Box

Assemble a basket filled with sentimental items such as jewelry, candies, flowers, and pictures. Look back on your memories of romantic times together.

Valentine Sprinkle Jewelry

Get some little heart-shaped bottles and fill them with glitter, candies, hearts, and sprinkles. Close it with a cork. Then, attach it to a chain with wires to make it wearable.

Love Cookies

Bake delicious cookies with hidden notes scribbled on small baking paper inside each one. The messages might be unique, flirty, humorous, or anything else that captures the spirit of your partnership.

Date Night Jar

Make a jar filled with chits containing plans for adorable dates. Write romantic and fun events that you want to spend with your partner all year, or schedule date nights whenever you like!

Photo Artwork

Take a cherished photo of the two of you together and creatively turn it into an artwork. There are various tools available online that will help you do so.

DIY Vinyl Heart Candles


These are inexpensive, and making DIY vinyl heart candles is simple! Use them to set the mood for a romantic dinner at home, or hand them out as gifts.

Playing Card Book

Write a list of things you love about your partners in a playing card book. Acknowledge every little thing and express how much you cherish them.

Open When Letters

It’s the ideal present because it works with every mood. Write your partner “Open when letters” for different situations and moments to remind them of your love and comfort them. This is especially suited for long-distance relationships.

“Story Of Us” Book

diy valentine's day gifts for him

Create a “Story for Us” book with all the memorable experiences and adventures you’ve had together. Personalize it. Add in your dreams for the future as a couple.

The acts of pure love are unique in and of themselves. At the end of the day, love is all that matters, regardless of how expensive or luxurious your gifts are. So make the most of the day by attempting one of our DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her!

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