6 Essential Fruits To Beat The Heat Of Summer

With the temperature rising, it gets essential to beat the heat of Summer. Now the question is how? Most people will suggest staying indoors, turning on the AC, and wearing light-colored airy clothes made of cotton. However, these make for external reliefs, which quickly get exhausted. To ensure perfect health and wellness, one needs to be satisfied from the inside. In that case, a proper diet comprising all summer season fruits will surely make for the day.

Here is a list of all the summer fruits that will help you beat the heat of summer in style and keep your body thoroughly hydrated even when indulging in activities that require staying outdoors.


how to beat summer heat
Add watermelon to your fruit salad

Scientific Name: Citrullus lanatus
Water Content: 92%

Watermelon is the first on the list of how to beat the summer heat. The particular comes loaded with all the goodness of lycopene, offering health benefits against Cancer, Diabetes, and heart diseases. You can have watermelons as part of summer fruit salads or as it is for essential health benefits.

Wait! There is more. This water-efficient fruit has a natural pigment known as beta-cryptoxanthin that will offer the right type of protection from inflammations in the joint, besides reducing the chances of rheumatoid arthritis. A small piece of watermelon has 9-11% of Vitamin A, keeping your eyes healthy. Other nutrient contents packed within include – Vitamin C and B6.


summer fruits
Enjoy a refreshing lemonade this Summer

Scientific Name: Citrus limon
Water Content: 82.64%

Back in 1700, James Lind found lemon to be an essential cure for scurvy, and now, it has gained the second position in the list of fruits that will help beat the heat of summer. As a rich source of Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Potassium, and Zinc, this essential summer fruit is an all-rounder otherwise.

Have it as lemonade, or mix its juice in your fruit chart for essential benefits. Also, at present, you will find lemons throughout the year. Avail the antioxidants in lemon to control weight, eliminate chances of cancer, and boost immunity to the fullest.


Beat The Heat Of Summer
Bananas are healthy for the Summer

Scientific Name: Musa
Water Content: 70-79%

Do you know our bodies struggle to combat acid reflux during summer? Leading to heartburn and upset stomach. Now a banana can be a planned antidote against such a condition. How? Potassium levels in bananas produce ‘mucous’ in the stomach lining, which can mitigate the PH levels. Eat ripe bananas for the ultimate effect.

Also, because summers are extra tiring, people often catch a headache. Now there is an adequate traditional meal to combat such a situation and beat the heat of Summer. Mix banana with roti (handmade bread) and milk, adding sugar.


summer fruit salads
Add Cucumbers to your summer fruit salad

Scientific Name: Cucumis sativus
Water Content: 95%

While the Summer season calls for exhaustion, the Cucumber, with its rich quantities of Vitamin C, K, Pantothenic acid, Iron, Phosphorus, Silica, and Zinc, helps you with excellent health inside out. Also, there are enough amounts of Vitamin E and Potassium in this fruit, which makes for a practical summer skin routine. Apply cucumber on your sunburns for steady relief.

As discussed, the body’s acid reflux abilities are lower during Summer. In that case, you can add Cucumbers to your summer fruit salads and treat the body with significant proportions of fiber for a steady aid to digestive regularity. If you are looking for a refreshing drink that is also healthy, consider mixing Apple and Spinach with Cucumber.


summer fruit salads
King of Fruits are best for Summers

Scientific Name: Mangifera indica
Water Content: 85-89%

Still confused with “how to beat summer heat?” In that case, you can try the King of Fruits, Mangoes. Besides being highly refreshing and downright delicious, Mangoes are a rich source of antioxidants. Also, various nutrients are present in the same, like Potassium, Magnesium, and Vitamins C and A.

This summer fruit type is a rich source of carotenes, which helps boost immunity and combat multiple body ailments. People claim that Mangoes can cause acne. However, you can avoid such a situation by dipping the fruit in water for hours before consumption. It will remove all the anti-nutrition from the fruit.


beat the summer heat
Avocados are great for eye health

Scientific Name: Persea Americana
Water Content: 70-79%

Why not get easy on your digestive system this Summer? The last option in the list of summer season fruits, Avocados, is easy to digest. According to American Heart Association, this fruit contains high amounts of monosaturated fatty acids and beta-sitosterol that help reduce harmful cholesterol levels and remove heat-generated toxins from the body.

Also, this summer fruit comes loaded with proper quantities of zeaxanthin and lutein, which are great for eye health, reducing the risk of macular degeneration. Mix up some Avocados with any of the fruit from above and come up with a tasty and refreshing drink that will help you beat the heat of Summer.

So that is all you can do to beat the summer heat at its ultimate. Do write back if you have any other summer fruit names in mind, will try and add them for sure.

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