7 Reasons Voluntary Simplicity Is The Ultimate Way To Happiness

7 Reasons Voluntary Simplicity Is The Ultimate Way To Happiness

Have you heard of the phrase “less is more?” It reflects that your life can be fulfilling, with you possessing just a few worldly things. Also, you have the “Voluntary Simplicity” theory backing up such a thought. In 1936, Richard Gregg introduced the term “Voluntary Simplicity.” It discusses avoiding the exterior clutter of multiple possessions that will not serve your purpose. Also, the idea revolves around you saying no to certain things to secure greater abundance in other directions.

While many people think simple life is all about giving up or restraining themselves from life’s pure pleasures, on the contrary, it is different. When you choose voluntary simplicity, you try to implement meaningful changes in your lifestyle. You gain those life experiences and objective things that bring true happiness. Also, the particular does mean reducing your dependence on material possessions and randomly stocking up on things your peer group asks you to.

With everything thoroughly explained, let’s help you understand the 7 reasons voluntary simplicity is the ultimate way to happiness.

voluntary simplicity

Financial Stability

For so long, if you had been only buying things and not paying heed to your expenses. Then voluntary simplicity is going to help you with that. This approach will help you control your spending habits and pay more attention to savings. Over time you will see a decrease in those credit card bills, leading to the financial stability you have always wanted.

Meaningful Possessions

A part of simple living teaches you to invest in meaningful possessions. Also, you get to make connections that will help you upgrade your life experiences. These healthy relationships and thoughtful elements surrounding you will create a more fulfilled and happier life than you would have ever lived.

Voluntary Simplicity

Less Stress

Now that you are financially stable and have all the meaningful connections helping you with a better life experience, the stress level does ease out. You have less stuff to manage and more time to focus on the little things, which makes all the difference. Also, stress levels automatically decrease because you are not always trying to validate unnecessary emotions. This benefits you both physically and mentally.

A Decluttered Mind

With voluntary simplicity, you finally get to indulge in the journey of organized living and start appreciating the things that you have. You will gradually see a shift in your mindset, with you getting sure of what and how you want life to unroll and take measures accordingly. To improve things, you can start gratitude journaling and list things that bring genuine happiness. Go through what you have achieved and focus on the others you need to add to your list of meaningful living.

Feeling Connected To Goals

With fewer distractions, you finally have time to envision an ultimate goal and start working on those experiences. Unlike monk mode, voluntary simplicity will never make you give up on your social media or stop meeting friends. It just helps you learn how to be happy with a minimal lifestyle and make the best out of the same. Over time, you will find yourself letting go of obligations and relationships that do not make you happy from the inside. Once you get in that habit of only participating in meaningful things, this fulfilling feeling will make your life much more meaningful than you had thought.

Voluntary Simplicity

You Get To Be With The Real You

With no external stressors, less objective possessions, and perfect mental and physical health, it will introduce you to your true self. You will finally understand how prepared you are for life challenges and what measures you want to take to reach a particular goal. It is between you and your true self, standing in front of each other free from material distractions and overwhelmingly unnecessary commitments.

You Will Be Happy And Satisfied

With everything getting along as you had planned and being on the right track with your goals, life just gets full of meaning. When you slowly start letting go of your cravings and wants and instead focus only on the necessities, happiness will be in your space. One fine truth about people who are happy is that they have come to accept both positive and negative emotions in their life. These people are in a psychological state of mind known as ‘emodiversity.’ Here they experience all types of emotions in equal measures.

That is all about voluntary simplicity, leading you to the ultimate way to happiness. If you are starting new, start by re-evaluating your commitments, decluttering your home and life, eliminating unnecessary possessions, and making other conscious decisions. Gradually, you will be able to get yourself to a better place.

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