Largest Cluster in the Universe The Boss Great Wall

The universe has never failed to astonish the human population with its charm. People in the past were not that accustomed to astronomical facts and did feel scared of cosmic diversity. However, we have the most powerful telescopes and dedicated space scientists offering grand elaborations on various cosmic activities. And that is how the world came to know about the Boss Great Wall.

Boss great wall
The discovery of BGW has the possibility of rewriting cosmic theory

In 2016, a research team with backgrounds from several institutes did come together. The name of the researchers are:

  • Antonio Montero-Dorta
  • Hiedi Lietzen
  • Lauri Juhan Liivamägi
  • Elmo Tempel
  • Maret Einasto
  • Claudia Maraston
  • Alina Streblyanska
  • Enn Saar
  • Jose Alberto Rubiño-Martín

The Boss Great Wall – Overview

The Boss Great Wall is a superstructure string that the scientists identified using the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey with backings in the SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey). The particular does lie at a distance of 4.5 – 6.5 billion light-years away from Mother Earth. Though a part of the void space, these superclusters are connected over a swirl and exist for years in a similar format.

The Boss Great Wall
The Boss is the greatest galaxy cluster known to the human population

Furthermore, scientists debate whether to refer to the Boss Great Wall as one big structure due to its complexity. Also, they are trying to come up with relevant theories that whether the galaxies in this superstructure are moving in sync or parting ways. Nonetheless, the Boss Great Wall remains the greatest galaxy cluster known to the human population. The galaxies within are much richer, dense and even more detailed than those in other structures.

How big is the Boss Great Wall?

Moving forward with the size of the Boss Great Wall, there are 830 separate galaxies in the same. And its mass stands at 10,000 times greater than what is already known for the Milky Way.

The Boss Great Wall comprise two superclusters in elongated format, along with two vast superclusters and, finally, multiple small superclusters as well. Now, these elongated superclusters form the walls of the entire arrangement. Where each has a diameter of 173/h Mpc and 186/h Mpc. Moving on, there are more superclusters to the list, and they stand at 64/h Mpc and 91/h Mpc diameters.

For a better understanding: The planet Earth does go into revolving around the Sun. Now, the Sun is only one among the 200 billion other stars in the Milky Way. Further, all you have to do is multiply this amount by 10,000; that is all you have for the Boss Great Wall’s dimensional evidence.

The Boss Great Wall NASA and the Sloan Great Wall

While the Boss Great Wall stands at the top of the astronomical discoveries so far, the veteran findings of the Sloan Great wall do come close. However, the Boss is around 170% wider than the Sloan Great Wall.

The Sloan Great Wall – Overview

The discovery of the Sloan Great Wall dates back to 2003’s 20th October. And the University of Princeton did announce the details of the same. The wall, in particular, does measure 1.37 billion light-years. It is located at a stretch of one billion light years, between the Centaurus and Corvus Hydra Constellations.

If you are interested in the Sloan Great Wall’s content, the structure comprises various galactic superclusters. The largest among them is termed SCI 126. And the particular is located in the region with the highest density in the overall arrangement.

The Boss Great Wall and the SDSS

As already discussed, in 2016, evidence of the BGW (Boss Great Wall) came to notice. And it was a part of the SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) schedule. Now, you must consider what this SDSS is all about and how it is important. So let’s help you with the details.

  • It is one of the most influential, detailed and well-cited surveys.
  • The arrangements aim to help humans expand their knowledge of the universe.
  • Also, the Sloan foundation has come up with its telescope at the Observatory of Apache Point in the New Mexico region. The team observes various galaxies, quasars and stars and astonishing cosmological phenomena here.
  • Since coming into operation in 2000, the SDSS body has conducted wide-scale surveys in multiple phases.
  • The Boss Great Wall discovery session did come in as a part of the SDSS’s survey of the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscope.

The BGW and further findings

Well, weren’t the findings so far amazing? There is more to the list. Keep on with your reading task, and you will be able to get a clear overview of every single point.

  • The researchers did examine the BGW by making a comparison between different types of galaxies. They specifically did search for the Bright Red Galaxies that are essentially found in groups of five.
  • The researchers did verify the structure’s shape and size over Minkowski functionals. The first three did aim to quantify on the basis of length, width and thickness, while the fourth one did focus on the overall curvature of the same.
  • The team did compare all the luminosities and the masses (stellar) in the superstructure to the data that is already known about other masses in the galaxies. By doing so, they were able to scale the available data over known values and get a detailed idea about the actual morphology of the Boss Great Wall.
  • Nonetheless, because of the high-density cosmic web projected by the Boss Great Wall, it manages to stand apart from the rest. And looking at the big picture, astronomers have finally got answers to a lot of their queries that remained piled up for so long.

The universe is vast and void, more than one can imagine. Our Galaxy, the Milky Way, is just a part of the entire arrangement. There is more for one to learn and listen to, and researchers every day are trying their best to solve the unknown. The discovery of the Boss Great Wall is one such rewarding fact for cosmic theory lovers. However, owing to the structural complexities of the same, researchers are in grave thought about whether to consider it as one or separate. Only future studies will help with some light on the same.

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