Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pizza Consumption Can Improve The Conditions Of People Suffering From Rheumatoid Arthritis

Around the world, most people regard pizza as not a healthy choice for daily consumption owing to its fat content and a little amount of protein. However, not all pizzas are the same. A research team went all in to study Italian-made authentic pizza recipes. The motive was to determine if the food item could help amplify the condition of patients suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. To the researchers’ astonishment, the study results showcased how having at least half a pizza once a week can relieve joint pain.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune disease where the immune system in humans mistakenly starts attacking the healthy cells in one’s body. Thus causing swelling and inflammation in the joints. This long-term condition also causes joint pain and stiffness, for which no specific cure exists. However, doctors recommend early diagnosis and treatment of the disease over surgery to prevent long-term problems in the joint.

Pizza Consumption Can Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis – A Case Study

As part of the Italian food habit, pizza is a standalone meal. Containing highly beneficial fresh mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes (pomodorini), and a 00 lean wheat flour dough made using water, salt, and yeast. In Italy, pizza is not junk food. Locals always use homemade ingredients to create the recipe. They put balanced fat, carbohydrate, and protein portions, perfect for a healthy diet.

To find out the goodness of the specific, researchers worked with 365 participants from Italy. Here 44% know how to bake pizza at home, and the rest buy pizza online that is also homemade. The researchers chose patients aged between 18 to 65 years and suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for at least the past 3 months. Also, the conditions of each patient did adhere to the RA classification criteria as outlined by the ACR (American College of Rheumatology) or the European League Against Rheumatism – 1987 and 2010.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Pizza in the making (Image Source: Pixabay.com)

With time the team went on collecting various reports about the anthropometric and sociodemographic characteristics of the patients. Also, they gathered information about their patients’ smoking and drinking habits and medical reports. The intensity of the Rheumatoid Arthritis disease in their body was measured using the Disease Activity Score and Simplified Disease Activity Index.

Next, the patients completed a questionnaire with 110 food items, filling their dietary habits on a daily scale of ‘never’ to ‘4-5 times’. Researchers removed the untruthful participants, and the rest were made a part of the study.

Final Output Of The Study

While calculating the final result, the research team did find how pizza has a beneficial effect on people suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. According to the reports and calculations, it was the mozzarella cheese and olive oil to show beneficial effects on the disease.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Italian Pizza (Image Source: Pixabay.com)

While the rest of the world usually consumes frozen pizza, however in Italy, the case is certainly different. Pizza comprises fresh ingredients and certified recipes. In that case, people consume the best ingredient offering anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Thus gaining steady relief from Arthritis and other signs of joint pain.

The study was quite a mind opener, how consuming fresh plucks and fresh bakes can be a game changer. Moving on, the team plans to develop a more intense study in the near future, deciphering interesting facts related to the disease and its cure.

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