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25+ Must Have iPhone Apps In 2024

iPhones are such hype and truly fun, right? From functionalities to the cameras inbuilt, this device is just an end game. Well, things can be easier when you choose the right apps for the same. Setting out on a voyage with your iPhone stacked with all the useful applications is like taking up a magic wand in the digital age. Every app is a key to unlocking a different perspective. Whether exploring health and fitness or finding enjoyment, the fun just continues to begin. Well, how will you understand the must-have iPhone apps you should get on your device? Well, in that case, the list is here to help!

1. PicMerger

must have iphone apps

“PicMerger” is known for its exceptional features and user-friendly interface. The app stands out as a recommended and preferred photo-editing and collage-making tool for iPhone users of every age. With PicMerger, you can choose and combine multiple images to create one. Whether you are opting for horizontal or vertical merging, the results stand out to be amazing all the time.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

must have iphone apps

A feature-rich mobile application for generating, altering, and sharing photographs is Adobe Photoshop Express. It offers basic editing features like cropping, rotating, and brightness adjustment in an intuitive interface. The application has a variety of filters and effects available. With the ability to share modified photos straight from the app on social media, you can trust it as a handy tool for quick and portable photo editing services.

3. Picsart AI

Picsart literally offers wings to one’s creativity. This multipurpose app houses the best-in-class features to help you create attractive Insta-worthy pictures, videos, and collages. Designed for beginners and experts, Picsart features a pool of 60M+ fancy stickers, stylish frames, layouts, GIFs, color palettes, drawing tools, filters, and more.

4. Remini

For iPhone users, Remini is a potent AI photo and video editing tool. Using cutting-edge AI technology, the app can improve old, grainy photos, turning them into high-definition images. With a smart and user-friendly interface, it has made its space in the list of must have iPhone apps. Also, Remini, helps iPhone users improve the quality of videos and images.

5. InShot

InShot is a famous photo and mobile video editing app. With it, you can directly alter the playback speed, edit and clip films on your iPhone. Also, it helps to add soundtracks, effects, and filters besides creating collages. The program is highly regarded for its user-friendly design and is a convenient means of helping users perform quick and creative editing.

6. Gmail

must have iphone apps

Gmail is The most popular email app, offering simple emailing services for personal and professional use. Having dominated the market for over a decade, Gmail promises effortless collaboration, unparalleled security, and seamless connection with the Google ecosystem. The free version of Gmail comes with up to 15GB of storage, which adds to its appeal as a feature-rich and efficient choice.

7. WhatsApp

The greatest free texting app for iPhone. WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging and calling apps, developed by Meta. The simple design of the portal lets you send and receive texts, photos, videos, and GIFs. Also, you can use it for official purposes, sharing – files, documents, contacts, and much more. Furthermore, WhatsApp users can share photos with a 24-hour deadline in a designated status space.

8. Telegram

In the list of must have iPhone apps, Telegram is the most dependable cloud-based communication app for iPhone users. The app’s end-to-end encrypted chat, calling, and content-sharing features make it ideal for extended and safe collaborations. Unlimited users are permitted on private channels, and up to 200,000 people can participate in large-scale group conversations.

9. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a feature-rich communication application that complements the Microsoft 365 suite. In Outlook, you can manage contacts, calendars, to-do lists, and notes in addition to email. It can also be used as a flexible work planner, owing to the top-notch data safety and privacy amendments.

10. Lensa AI

Lensa AI is for users who love to look bold in their selfie game. This simple yet efficient app lets you quit the traditional editing tools and upnotch the photo editing game. With the app on your iPhone, you can get rid of wrinkles, eye bags, pimples, scars, and everything that makes you conscious about your beautiful self.

11. Youper

Now you can pamper your mind with Youper’s AI-powered app on mental health & wellness. The app primarily focuses on the whole thought behind CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). It is handy for people looking for genuine solutions to – depression, anxiety, and other type of mental illness. Here, you have a check-in system where you can record your feelings. The app analyzes your input, suggesting CBT plans for you.

12. Duolingo

Duolingo takes a gamified approach to language learning. It makes use of a special algorithm that adjusts to the level and preferred method of learning of each learner, offering tailored suggestions and feedback. For those at an intermediate level, Duolingo provides podcasts in a different languages. These podcasts typically feature stories told by native speakers of the language from various regions of the world. They speak more slowly, with simpler vocabulary and syntax, and occasionally provide context and definitions for unfamiliar terms. Besides, interactive exercises, quizzes, and stories make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

13. Flipboard

must have iphone apps

Flipboard allows users to select content according to their interests. With its magazine-style layout for news articles, images, and videos, users can quickly peruse and find content from multiple sources in one location. The software’s aesthetic interface is a pleasing and adaptable means of staying up to date on subjects that are important to them.

14. Netflix

Netflix and chill! A tagline that helps redefine our weekends. After all, where else will you get 1000+ series, movies, games, Originals, and documentaries that are creatively curated? The streaming service comes with subtitles, allowing you to enjoy the most exclusive works from around the globe.

15. Overcast

Overcast is a popular podcast player for iOS devices, providing a feature-rich and user-friendly listening experience. It comes with a range of exclusive features! You get access to Voice Boost, which enhances podcast audio clarity, and Smart Speed, dynamically editing silences in podcasts to save time without sacrificing sound quality. The app’s other capabilities include the capacity to create custom playlists, save episodes for offline listening, and availability for podcast chapter markers. All things considered, Overcast aims to enhance the podcast listening experience to the next level.

16. Pandora

With Pandora, you can tune in to your favorite music any time of the day. The platform has a range of algorithm-driven genres that put artists together based on elements like melody, rhythm, and lyrical meaning. More than 81 million people were using it as of 2015, streaming 1.7 billion hours of music monthly.

17. Snapchat

must have iphone apps

Snapchat lets you take pictures with the device’s camera and share them with other Snapchat users. Here, you can add text or draw on the snapshot and specify how long the receiver can view it before the image vanishes. Also, messages here are limited to one-time view.

18. Mint

must have iphone apps

Mint is an intuitive financial management tool. You can use it to track and manage finances in the best way possible. In it, you get access to a lot of features! Set goals, work on budget, and track daily expenses. To get a thorough picture of your financial status, you can link your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial accounts as well. Also, the app groups transactions sheds light on spending trends, and makes suggestions. Mint’s overall goal is to make managing and organizing one’s financial information easier and more efficient.

19. Venmo

You can send and receive money using Venmo. It is a comprehensive mobile payment service inclusive of a digital wallet, making life simple. Peer-to-peer transactions, bill splitting, and easy social payment methods are among its exclusive features.

20. Google Maps

must have iphone apps

Navigation made easy! Yes, that is Google Maps for you. With it, you can explore street views, identify local businesses, obtain directions, browse maps, and get real-time traffic updates. It is Google Maps’ intuitive interface that makes location-based services and navigation simple.

21. Airbnb

must have iphone apps

Love traveling but low on budget? No worries! Airbnb is at your service. You can search for a good place, book your days, get in touch with the host, and make payments from your iPhone. With a wide range of properties and cost-effective prices- Airbnb is a must have in your iPhone.

22. Waze

must have iphone apps

Waze is a comprehensive smartphone navigation app that helps users with real-time, community-driven routing. With it, drivers can plan their journeys intelligently, using timely updates about traffic jams, accidents, and road conditions. Further, the app as a dynamic and cooperative navigation tool, helps with accurate and current information from its rich set of community of users. Inclusive features like voice guiding, turn-by-turn navigation, and route optimization based on traffic conditions are also of great help.

23. OpenTable

must have iphone apps

“Enjoy quality time with your special someone in a perfect ambiance with delicious food using OpenTable! The popular restaurant reservation app allows you to find and book tables at your favorite spots during peak hours. Explore menus, read reviews, and keep track of your dining history—all in one convenient place.”

24. MyFitnessPal

must have iphone apps

MyFitnessPal is your virtual trainer, health expert, and nutrition manager who keeps you motivated throughout. The app offers a powerful combination of – physical workouts, daily step targets, meal charts, and positive motivation. You can create personalized plans and log food to track your eating habits.

25. Nike Training Club

must have iphone apps

Nike created the little fitness and training app known as the Nike Training Club (NTC) app. It provides a wide variety of activities, such as mobility exercises, endurance exercises, and strength training. The app gives users the ability to customize their fitness routines to meet their unique objectives and fitness levels, as well as access to video coaching from certified trainers and customizable workout regimens. Nike Training Club provides a range of workout alternatives that can be done anytime, anyplace, with minimal equipment, with the goal of making fitness accessible to people of all levels.

26. Period Tracker Period Calendar

must have iphone apps

With the Period Tracker Period Calendar app, you don’t have to worry about your period dates. Thanks to this period tracker that notifies you about the starting and ending dates of your next period cycle.

In conclusion, a wide range of iPhone apps will still be accessible in 2024 to meet consumers’ changing requirements and interests. However, our carefully chosen collection of over 30 apps covers a wide range of topics. From productivity tools to entertainment and wellness applications, here you get it all. The list is a reflection of the ever-changing world of technology.

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