Will Chat GPT Affect Regular Jobs In The IT Sector?

Have you heard of the term Chat GPT? And are you interested? Well, so I am! First, AI has always surprised us with the intensity of tasks it can perform. Now, as a cherry on the cake, we have Chat GPT at our reserve.

Now you must be wondering what the full form of the same is and what makes it different from the rest. Also, living by the question of concern, what makes IT professionals think their career is threatened?

Chat GPT development
Chat GPT is still a prototype

Now, with one question at a time, let’s unravel the true intentions of this chatbot and dive deep into the technological pros and cons it offers.

Key Takeaways

  • On November 30th, 2022, Chat GPT was launched as a prototype. Open AI is the company behind the development. The organization was founded back in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. They both pledged US$1 billion. But later, in 2018, Musk resigned from the board but continued as a donor.
  • It is the first chatbot with which you can simultaneously interact and gain access to helpful information. The intent of speech followed is a regular conversation. Machine learning and artificial intelligence form the base of the chatbot.
  • This particular helps assist human creativity, and the GPT-3 model of AI breakthroughs is the base technology.
  • So far, modern innovation has demonstrated the ability to develop complex Python codes and college-level essays. This might initiate the possibility for humans to get replaced by machines for random tasks.

Chat GPT Full Form And Overview

Chat GPT website
Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained transformer)

Still, in its prototype, Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained transformer) is an artificial intelligence-based chatbot developed by OpenAI. This technique specializes in conversational tones, having the same intent as a human.

Also, the chatbot is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3,5 model, an improved version of the GPT-3 technology. The primary motive behind the launch was to test “what can a very large and powerful AI system accomplish,” and as results detected, it can handle a lot.

Wondering what GPT-3 technology stands for? Well, it is a base neural network with multiple interconnected nodes. Each node can design a particular aspect of the text included, which goes as – syntactic structure, the meaning (full), and contextual information. Once the typed text passes through the network, the nodes start working together to generate a comprehensive, grammatically correct response.

Chat GPT’s Take On Eliminating Human Employees In The IT

Well, the technology behind Chat GPT is undoubtedly well-brewed and served with precision. Humans monitor the same, and AI takes care of the planning. There is no way that a machine can think by itself.

Chat GPT
The primary motive behind the launch was to test “what can a very large and powerful AI system accomplish,”

Humans have specifically trained Chat GPT to engage in relevant conversations. OpenAI has programmed the same to offer quick responses to various writing types, mathematical queries, and theoretical essays. Further, the AI knows when to own up for its mistakes and admit the wrongs done. Well, that’s impressive, right? And quite unlike humans, who are always busy covering up for their mistakes. Well, well, that was purely unintentional and no offence intended.

Characteristics Of Chat GPT

Moving forward, let’s focus on the limited yet quiet catchy characteristics of Chat GPT and find out what all are waiting for us to indulge in.

  • Can respond to everything: Chat GPT is based on a dialogue model and can react to mathematical solutions, theoretical essays, and stories. Unlike other AI assistants, Siri and Alexa, this particular do not locate answers from the web. Instead, it comes with a solution after making a series of guesses.
  • Can alter search engine usage: Chat GPT has been of immense support as a debugging solution. Owning to a conversational tone, the AI is capable of helping its users with real-time solutions rather than a few simple links. Again that’s much more human-like and impressive, I must say.
  • Built on GPT 3.5 language technology: Though still a prototype, the base technology of Chat GPT is GPT 3.5. The model uses substantial data from various sources to provide the necessary output.
  • Free to use: When you drop by the website of OpenAI, Chat GPT is free. However, the particular is still in the review stage, and you will have to sign up to be able to use it.

Controversies About Chat GPT

No good thing ever comes out, minus the controversies, and Chat GPT is no different among so many characteristics and good news related to the same. We have some things to worry about as well. Here are they!

  • Chat AI is not always right: With the technology still being a prototype, Chat GPT fails to offer the correct answers. It does suffer from “hallucinations” of fiction and facts, as scientist calls the same. This can lead to severe problems when it comes to offering medical advice.
  • The data bias continues: The AI depends on the collective writing of writers from around the globe. This way, discrimination and personal bias continue at similar levels, as the outputs are opinionated.
  • The English could have been better: People can ask Chat GPT to proofread their English or improve a paragraph. But as tested by teachers, the particular could not live up to the standards that an average student could fulfil.

The human brain can design wonders, and we see something new daily. Chat GPT being the latest, is on trend this time. However, it is still in the initial stage, and there is more for us to learn and for the developers to bring to the table. Nonetheless, the excavation of the unknown continues, and we are here waiting to witness it. Also, talking about the question in concern, until now, there is no perfect evidence of Chat GPT being able to perform all alone without humans interfering. So, yes, it is still a human-first sector when discussing IT.

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