30+ AI Tools That Programmers Can Use To Generate Code

According to a GitHub Survey, 92% of developers in the U.S. are already using AI coding tools. The process includes users writing codes and letting AI review the same. That suffices to Artificial Intelligence, ultimately helping them generate quality codes within no time.
AI tools are changing how people work, and the field of software development is no different. With the right tools implemented, it is easy to fast-forward your coding skills and generate software offering the ultimate usage. From free AI tools to paid ones, here is an in-depth list comprising a wholesome variety of names. Each one is unique, one of a kind, helping developers with the best of their experience.


MutableAI is based on Machine Learning and NLP, helping developers upgrade their contentment and efficiency levels. The tool also comes with auto-complete features for a heap of programming languages – Python, Typescript, Solidity, Rust, etc.


AI tools

With AI2SQL, you can translate SQL from natural language queries. Data scientists, Company executives, and Python programmers can use this tool for a seamless experience. Further, the inbuilt configuration of AI2SQL, reduces the requirement for an overall understanding of SQL.


AI tools

In Seek, you get a heap of code designs to choose from and combine. There are ‘code snippets’ with pre-existing templates for you to use. Otherwise, one can instantly customize the available and curate SQL queries, avoiding manual writing choices.


AI tools

Using Jasper saves time and energy and reduces manual labor. As a revolutionary AI-powered platform, Jasper makes it all easy. Its advanced AI engine enables programmers to curate code on the go, practice, and test new ideas.

Claude 2

AI tools

Besides being famous for its enhanced reasoning capabilities, Claude 2 is also great at mathematical reasoning. Coding and logic. With it, programmers can generate codes in popular programming languages. As per records, Claude 2 scored more than the 90th percentile in the GRE reading and writing sections.


Tabnine is free and compatible with 50 different types of programming languages. Further, it works as an advanced code completion tool, offering relevant suggestions to the information included.


Python programmers and data scientists can depend on Cogram to generate codes using Jupyter Notebooks and SQL queries. The tool is compatible with various programs, including – SQLite, MySQL, Amazon Redshift, and PostgreSQL. One can use common Python modules like Plotly, Seaborn, or Matplotlib to generate visualizations as a data scientist.


In DeepCode, you can run a detailed examination of your codes and get suggestions to improve them. Code lining, completion, and refactoring are the main capabilities of the tool.

GitHub Copilot

With GitHub Copilot, you can develop codes within Neovim, JetBrains, and VS Code, some of the common development environments. The tool’s algorithm is developed on trillions of lines, and it can write code in 12 different languages.


Kite is your free AI-powered code completion tool, other than helping you with refactoring and error analysis within codes. The tool supports 16+ languages and gets regular software updates, which are more economical than the competition.


CodeWP is an exclusive WordPress code generator. The platform is compatible with PHP and JS. As a developer, you can easily use the tool to quickly generate shortcodes and curate sophisticated queries. Other than developers, non-technical WordPress designers can also use the same.


You can use Codiga to analyze static code, compile it with different IDEs, and generate new codes. The most popular coding languages – typescript, YML, Java, and ruby are compatible with the platform. Out of everything, the automatic code correction feature of the tool makes all the difference.


AskCodi is your one-stop AI tool kit with built-in features. Available in multiple languages, AskCodi covers a full-fledged development process. From documentation to coding, the tool helps with all. You can also use the same to develop SQL queries from scratch.


AIXcoder comprises deep learning models based on millions of open-source codes. You can also use it offline to safely save your codes on your computer and share them later. Developers can customize the codes to generate new outputs when working with a team or at a company level.


Designed for Python programmers, PyCharm is an integrated program based on AI. It has a keyboard-centric design, making coding easy. When working over PyCharm, you get quick assistance with on-the-way checks, rapid repairs, easy navigation, and seamless code completion.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

Visual Studio IntelliCode is compatible with Python, Java, TypeScript, and JavaScript, enabling AI-assisted coding. Trained over 500,000 open-source projects, this tool offers the most relevant recommendations, wisest of all.

Wing Pro

Wing Pro helps you with clever and quick coding in Python. The tools come up with great context-relevant explanations after examining the dynamic codes. Further, the built-in error-checking feature within the tool makes editing a better experience for one and the whole team.


Among all the AI tools, Jedi is an open-sourced option with many functionalities. As a straightforward API, Jedi will assist you with multiple projects. You can use the particular to work on Visual Studio Code, Atom, Kate version, Vim, GNOME Builder, and Gedit.


Ponicode can be your true guide to creating software free of errors within time. Its advanced metrics make it easy for users to create the highest quality quickly. No more tedious operations, and you get to develop industry-standard outputs free of bugs.

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is based on LLMs trained on billions of lines of code. Among all the AI tools, this one offers real-time recommendations on code. As a user, you can accept the prominent suggestion, continue writing your code, or explore further recommendations.


ChatGPT is one of the most popular among all the available AI tools. It is based on an LLM chatbot, capable of understanding and generating natural language text per the commands received. Python, PHP, Java, C++, etc are some of the most popular programming languages it understands.


Trained in 70+ programming languages, Codeium is an exclusive, no-dependency AI coding tool. Among everything, the three standout features of Codeium – Chat, Autocomplete, and Search- make all the difference.

Divi AI

Divi AI, with its interactive interface and best AI coding assistants, makes it easy for WordPress developers. As a user, you can save and monitor your most used snippet – JavaScript, HTML, and CSS within a single space. Everything is stored safely in the cloud and is available when needed.


Replit is an interactive space for coders to collaborate, code and learn. The tool is mostly popular for its browser-based IDE, which enables native hosting and co-coding for teams. Out of all the features available, Replit’s Ghostwriter feature is a game changer. It helps with seamless auto-completion of codes, quality enhancement, and debugging.


The makers developed Polycoder with a 249GB codebase and 12 different programming languages. Compared to other AI tools, Polycoder can write codes as quickly as possible, keeping the quality intact. Turning out to be an intuitive one among the free AI tools for research paper understanding.

Sourcegraph Cody

Sourcegraph Cody helps accelerate one’s workflow and enrich the overall understanding of the generated code. Its inbuilt code base assistant allows developers to search for live codes along with the name of the person who has updated it. Sourcegraph Cody does offer seamless integration with popular IDEs – JetBrains, Neovim and VS Code. Thus allowing users to complete code as they type.


AI tools

CodeT5 is trained upon 8.35 million coding instances, and Google’s Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer) framework. It is an open-source programming language obtained from the CodeSearchNet dataset.


SQLAI allows users to generate SQL queries with simple prompts. PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and other major databases are part of the same. As a user, you can also save and share your work – SQL queries for future use.

Android Studio Bot

Android Studio Bot is primarily built upon Google’s Codey and PaLM 2 LLMs. Programmers can depend on the tool to curate code and rectify errors, bringing the best. Moreover, with Studio Bot, you can even seek answers to questions and learn the best practices.


AI tools

SinCode is your all-in-one AI coding assistant. The tool’s ability to generate code using prompts makes for an exciting option during code generation. The most exclusive feature of SinCode is Marve. This AI-based chatbot uses real-time data, which differs from ChatGPT, whose dataset is limited to 2021 and prior days.


AI tools

WPCode is primarily a snippet deployment tool for WordPress websites. As a complete replacement for Googe Tag Manager, the tool lets users generate dedicated code snippets specific to WordPress and store them within the websites.

From the ever-popular paraphrasing tool Quillbot AI to the sensational ChatGPT, AI tools, and software have proved they are here to stay. While people are skeptical about the same, this helps quicken the overall process in the long run.

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