35 ChatGPT Alternatives To Lookout For In 2025

The rapid growth of AI and its widespread application across several industries have prompted people to look for intuitive options. Making quite a headline and attracting notable attention, ChatGPT rose to fame in 2023. Its easy-to-use technicalities and promt solutions were all that made things look easy. However, if you are done with the GPT tasks and want to explore new genres, here we have an intuitive list ready. Find below a list of 35 ChatGPT alternatives to look out for in 2025-


With customizable features, including voice recording, numerous personalities, image generation, Google search integration, and GPT-4 capabilities, Chatsonic, a conversational AI, is one of the top ChatGPT alternatives.


GitHub CoPilot is an effective solution that supports multi-language coding in up to 12 languages. It uses OpenAI Codex’s GPT-3 model for automatic completion. Further, the tool’s compatibility with GitHub Codespaces, cloud workflow, Neovim, and JetBrains is of great importance.


Writesonic’s Botsonic is an easy-to-use chatbot builder that lets customers use their data to construct a ChatGPT-like chatbot. One can then integrate the output into their website and personalize it with components of their brand identity.

Amazon Codewhisperer

Next in the list of ChatGPT alternatives, Amazon has released Codewhisperer, a tool that assists engineers in locating and troubleshooting code issues. It analyzes code, finds patterns, and offers solutions using machine learning and natural language processing. The application is appropriate for developers of all skill levels. It is scalable, easy to use, and interfaces with well-known tools like GitHub.

Chatsonic On Opera

Opera and Chatsonic have teamed up to improve the online surfing experience of Opera Browser and Opera GX users. With Chatsonic, users can instruct the browser to carry out various tasks such as content creation, text summarization, information retrieval, and AI art creation.


Designed by former executives from Google and YouTube, NeevaAI combines the accuracy and current data of the Neeva search engine with ChatGPT and big language models. It can produce thorough answers, look through hundreds of millions of online pages, and include source references in the results.


Tabnine offers a code completion plugin and supports the majority of languages, libraries, and frameworks. It avoids plagiarism and copyright violations by adhering to open-source licensing. Tabnine Pro enables a more convenient and effective coding process.

Elsa Speaks

Elsa Speak is an AI language-learning program that analyzes audio recordings to detect non-native English speakers’ speech patterns. It provides real-time speech recognition feedback, progress tracking, AI coaching, individualized training, and rapid assessments. As one of the ChatGPT alternatives, it is great for enhancing your English vocabulary.


One of the best ChatGPT alternatives is the open-source platform Bloom, which was created by over a thousand AI experts. Similar to human writing, it can handle untrained text assignments and generate text in 46 human languages and 13 computer languages.

DeepL Write

A German AI-powered writing aid known as DeepL Write helps with writing precision and quality. It is capable of producing unique and excellent material for scholars, academicians, and content creators.


Being among the ChatGPT alternatives, YouChat enables human-like conversation based on the combination of AI and natural language processing. As the platform is still in its initial stages, you can occasionally come across inaccurate information and offer mediocre responses to general inquiries.

Surfer AI

Of the ChatGPT alternatives, Surfer AI evaluates well-ranked pages for specific keywords and produces long-form SEO-optimized material in minutes.


Among the ChatGPT alternatives, Elicit assists in research work. It is mostly used for literature reviews. Researchers and students utilize Elicit to locate pertinent papers, examine datasets, and obtain answers to coursework-related queries.


Chinchilla, a Deepmind project, is a great option for reasoning or complex AI tasks. Built on transformer models, the tool’s implementation and fine-tuning require less processing power.


Replika is an AI chatbot that can identify visual cues and reply to messages quickly. For people who feel alone, it’s an alternative to ChatGPT, where you may talk about a variety of subjects like romance and life. Further, it is capable of producing human-like answers – everything is based on deep learning and a GPT-3 autoregressive language model.

Character AI

Character AI is a ChatGPT-like platform that provides conversational experiences through AI characters. Based on neural language models, it lets users select and communicate with different characters. The platform is entertaining to use, facilitates impromptu conversations, and provides a diverse range of real-life and imaginary characters to converse with.

OpenAI Playground

With additional options, including language model selection and token, frequency, and randomization adjustments, OpenAI Playground is a web-based platform to experiment with ChatGPT’s capabilities. In addition to being free, it offers high-demand computer access, audio recording, and a speech-to-text interface.


Claude is an intuitive AI assistant that helps with conversational and text-based activities. Users can access it via the developer console API or an easy-to-use chat interface. Being one of the ChatGPT alternatives, it provides speedy text summarization, accurate information retrieval, and the ability to work together on writing assignments with an innovative AI partner.

Bard AI

The conversational AI chatbot Google Bard is easy to use and quick. It helps with real-time collaboration with other Google services, language support, image uploads, extensions, and interaction with Google Lens.

LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications)

OpenAI’s LaMDA, another one of the ChatGPT alternatives, is optimized for providing outstanding, secure, and pertinent responses to intricate questions and conversations. It addresses follow-up queries, offering responses that are natural and sensitive to context.

Jasper Chat

One of the popular ChatGPT alternatives, Jasper, is an accurate AI writing tool that promptly crafts high-quality content for businesses. It also comes with Jasper Chat, a chat interface that can respond to inquiries and enables ongoing conversations with improved context.


Students can put in educational questions on the kid-friendly AI Socratic and receive illustrated human-like responses. The AT tool searches through the internet for customized responses. Both iOS and Android users can download Socratic.

Bing AI

Microsoft Bing AI is one of the well-known ChatGPT alternatives. It comes loaded with multiple features – conversation mode, widgets, chat history, multimodal capability, improved accuracy, and the Bing Image Creator.


Microsoft’s DialoGPT is a large-scale pre-trained dialogue answer-generating model. 147 million multi-turn discussions from Reddit posts between 2005 and 2017 served as its training set. Like GPT-2 outputs, DialoGPT generates a variety of phrases with information about the initial prompt. It is more lively, conversational, and frequently humorous. Thus appropriate for a variety of situations.


The transformer-based 105-layer LLM is known as the Megatron-Turing NLG. It has been trained on the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD-based Selene supercomputer, offering remarkable accuracy. Features include – reading comprehension, word meaning disambiguation, completion prediction, natural language inferences, and commonsense reasoning

Poe By Quora

In Poe by Quora, users can engage with AI chatbots such as Sage, ChatGPT, Dragonfly, GPT-4, and Claude+ through an open-source platform. Poe needs to be logged in and has more than 20 large language models. It functions effectively with little downtime.

Chatsonic Slack Bot

Chatsonic Slack Bot can create digital art, recognize voice instructions, and generate real-time data to improve team collaboration. The bot also acts as a personal coach, offering inspiration and support.


CoGram takes notes automatically during virtual conferences. It saves time by summarizing and transcribing meetings, webinars, and call recordings. It is convenient for everyday activities and works well with video communication services.


Another in the list of ChatGPT alternatives, Otter increases productivity during the workday by capturing presentations, taking notes, recording audio, and automatically summarizing conversations. It quickly converts voice to text and suits both virtual and in-person environments.


Learn.ai helps educators create content. It can be used to create AI-crafted lesson planning and assignment content using a three-step workflow and GPT language models. With access to 10 other AI tools, the platform is free and encourages creativity rather than taking over the responsibilities of instructors.

LLaMA by Meta

A massive language model, LLaMA, from Meta Platforms helps engineers and scientists with AI-based applications. This includes document summarizing and question answering.


ClickUp is a productivity tool for brainstorming, planning, and collaborating on everything from process documents to product designs. It’s great for individuals and working teams.


Copy AI is a productive writing tool that creates headlines for blogs, emails, social media posts, web copy, and more through machine learning. It is available in over 25 languages, offers a variety of writing frameworks and tools to get you started, and is an excellent resource for anyone new to generative AI.


Spinbot is a well-known internet tool that rewrites or “spins” text to produce original material. It helps produce more intelligently readable content that is legible by humans.

Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI has been trained on OpenAI’s API, together with search engine knowledge. Here, you get a co-pilot mode, multimodal search, and blazingly quick, error-free responses for a flawless user experience.

Due to the advancement of artificial intelligence, ChatGPT has many competitors today. These ChatGPT alternatives may be better as they are trained for specific tasks and might serve more efficiently according to the needs of consumers.

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