Espresso AI robot dog

All About Espresso AI Robot Dog Aibo By Sony!

Several AI-powered devices have been produced until now. Due to their cutting-edge features and technology, they are desirable to tech enthusiasts worldwide. Presently, Sony has made another contribution to the ever-evolving tech scenario with a new Espresso AI robot dog. Launched in the US, Aibo is going to be a delight for both tech enthusiasts and animal lovers.

The Sony Espresso edition robot dog has four models. They are ERS-1000/B(Black), ERS-1000/P(Strawberry Milk), ERS-1000/H(Black Sesame), and ERS-1000(White). 

It comes with an appealing look and some very amazing functions. Let’s examine the specifics of this recently released Espresso AI robot dog.

Features Of The Sony Espresso AI Robot Dog

Many sensors, cameras, and actuators are included in the Espresso AI robot dog. The Aibo Espresso Edition includes a plaything pink ball, an AC converter, a network cable, and a charging station. Sony claims that Espresso AI robot dog Aibo, is capable of reaching the charging station on its own.

The robot dog has two distinct eye colors at once, which is due to its odd eye function. Users may name their Aibo and see it grow. When they subscribe to the Aibo AI cloud subscription, they can interact with it using a dedicated app.

The three-year AI Cloud plan helps Aibo gather and enter information about its everyday experiences. The subscription aids in its learning and development and gives the robot the ability to create a distinct personality that changes over time.

Using the My Aibo app, users can also feed Aibo virtual food, which it will devour. Through the app, you can also make friends with other Aibos and have virtual meals together.

Aibo can recall its owners’ faces and their inclinations. Aibo gains the ability to undertake actions that make others happy as a result of its experiences. Additionally, names may be given by users, and the robot eventually picks them up.

Aibo may also learn to recognize other family members, obey their instructions, and engage in a variety of antics. When handled, the robot dog expresses happiness and appreciates this relationship.

Users may teach Aibo skills like sitting up and lying high, and users may teach many more. Additionally, Aibo will be pleased if users pet it as it will detect the interaction. 

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