Anger Motivates People To Take Part In Climate Activism

Anger Motivates People To Take Part In Climate Activism

Climate change is an important topic of discussion in modern times. Researchers are working too hard to find common ground where they can mitigate the emission levels. In the meantime, these people are also developing studies that offer a better understanding of the youth’s mindset regarding the altering climate. As a result of a study that wanted to understand the respondents’ mindset regarding the climate change, it was derived that “anger motivates people to take part in climate activism.”

When asked, “What is it about climate change that makes you angry?” the Norwegian respondents were found blaming human actions. The respondents were angered by the fact that there are loopholes in the law and politicians do not take the right measures, leading to climate deterioration. Also, they were seen as not happy with how their fellow residents and non-specialists deal with climate change. Taking things casually and not owning up for their own mistakes.

The Main Study – How Anger Motivates People To Take Part In Climate Activism

In a survey discussion, psychologists from the University of Bergen and the Norwegian Research Center interviewed 2,000 adults from Norway. The focus was on understanding their feelings and primary motivation for participating in climate activism.

Anger Motivates People To Take Part In Climate Activism

The team found that almost half of the respondents felt somewhat angry. The rate is the highest in women, people who relate themselves as left politically, and other young-aged cohorts. To get further details about such a reaction, people were asked, “What makes them angry?” To which respondents referred to the causes of climate change. And here is what they had to say!

  • Many are angry because of human actions, and their responses are like – “People don’t care” or “nothing is being done.”
  • The respondents did mention the reason for anger as the tourism industry prioritizes money over environmental safety.
  • Multiple respondents have also mentioned that climate denialism is the main reason for their anger, especially concerning the acts of politicians and industrialists.

How Angry One Has To Be To Take Part In Climate Activism?

A clear relationship between anger and activism is quite obvious. And the researchers have drawn attention to the work of other international activists. How they take climate anger as a justifiable response to the injustice done over nature. Also, the team highlighted that anger is more common among the older activists than the younger ones. Among the young, the triggers are more defined by fear rather than anger.

Anger Motivates People To Take Part In Climate Activism

In previous studies, it was derived that anger-based climate activism made people support laws against the industrialists. That is because the common respondents find industrialists sabotaging the environment for their production benefit. However, in this study, the respondents believed it was others’ fault more than the industrialists. That is why the respondents were quite okay with the amplified taxes on petrol and diesel. According to the respondents, people are careless. They do not prefer giving up on their luxurious lifestyle and instead opt for a simple living that will save Mother Earth.

How Does Anger Motivates People To Take Part In Climate Activism? The Outcome

As per the study, anger was the strongest emotional predictor among the respondents. However, they found that not all types of anger co-related positively with engagement, and the level varied from one person to another. Only 10% of the respondents who reported anger were dissatisfied with the absence of proper climate measures or policies. Overall, the study highlighted that anger over the policymakers and fellow individuals in society made people drawn towards being nice to Mother Nature.

After coming this far in 2023, the year has been quite phenomenal. The world did witness multiple firsts. We have new insights into space, and AI is finally here, offering all possibilities of an automated future. However, among this all, July was the hottest month since the 19th century. That brings us to the question, “Are we doing enough for this world?” And it’s a big No! Or perhaps some might say that we are trying. These types of studies will help us towards a better future.

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