Are Potatoes Healthy? Your Journey To Wellness With The Potato Diet

It is already present at your home if you are looking for a stable supplier of anti-oxidants, potassium, minerals, and vitamins B6 & C. Wondering what it is? Well, It’s the potatoes! This root vegetable is an easy meal and staple food among multiple households. But there goes a common myth that Potatoes add to the body weight and raise sugar levels, to be precise. However, certain curious minds still try to find a relevant answer to their question, “Are potatoes healthy?” And there goes the explanation.

A recent study by Dr. Nicola Bondonno (ECU’s Nutrition and Health Innovation Research Institute) states whether potatoes add to our health or degrade solely lies in the preparation part. While for so long, potatoes were linked with the incidents of people getting Type 2 Diabetes. But this research proves it to be false.

In Denmark, the research team distinguished between various meal preparations using potatoes. And there, it was evident that simply mashed potatoes have zero links with a higher risk of developing diabetes.

Ingredients like red meat, butter, and soft drinks are the most commonly consumed side combos with potatoes, which act as triggers for Type 2 diabetes. In contrast, when one intake boiled or mashed potatoes regularly, the level of trigger sets to zero.

The study also suggested that potatoes have adequate nutrients and fiber, so you must consider including them.

Are Potatoes Healthy For Weight Loss?

For ages, potatoes have been a part of staple meals, but these foods are still not considered nutritionally adequate because of how they are prepared. When thinking of potatoes, French fries, stuffed bread, and burger patty comes to mind. But concentrating on the actual truth, yes, potatoes are healthy and also contribute to one’s weight loss journey when eaten the right way.

are potatoes healthy
When consumed in limited portions potatoes are healthy

Compared to other vegetable types, potatoes are rich in fiber sources and resistant to starch. Thus keeping one full for a longer time. Making sure you abide by a disciplined eating habit, potatoes will indeed restrict you from overeating. Also, the presence of polyphenols in potatoes, a kind of antioxidant, helps boost metabolism and break down sugar at a high rate.

Moving on with the question, “Are potatoes healthy for weight loss?” The high potassium levels in potatoes help with monitoring water retention. Which overall plays an essential role in aiding weight loss. Until you control your unhealthy potato-induced snacking portions, the answer will always be a yes to the question, are potatoes healthy?

What Time Of Day Should You Eat Potatoes?

On the journey to discover “Are potatoes healthy?” Determining the best time to eat those is essential because the catch lies in how and when you eat. Anything eaten in the right portion abiding by the calorie chart of the day will never accumulate in your body in the wrong way.

Research by the Harbin Medical University School of Public Health in China did convey eating potatoes in the morning and less processed meat, milk, and greens in the evening have long-term survival effects on people with diabetes.

Many ask the most common question: “Can I eat potato for breakfast for weight loss?” When you are already following a healthy diet and avoiding excessive consumption of junk foods, consuming potatoes at monitored levels will not lead to weight gain. Instead, the nutritional profile of sweet and white potatoes will help you lose weight because of the adequate amounts of vitamin C. Also, the high Potassium content in potatoes helps regulate blood pressure and build muscles. Counting the fat proportion, it is only 0.2g in boiled potatoes.

Are Potatoes Healthy? What Is The Potato Diet?

In a potato diet, you only need to eat potatoes for three to five days, depending on the health requirements. The focus is on having cooked potatoes for rapid weight loss.

are potatoes healthy
Potato diet makes you abide by a strict schedule

According to research, plain potatoes in their boiled form are highly satiating. So you can start with small portions and move on to a comprehensive plan. When undergoing a strict potato diet, you cannot have anything besides the root vegetable ‘potato.’ Occasionally, add legumes, grains, unprocessed vegetables, seasoning, and condiments. You can have herbal and black tea without sugar or milk in beverages.

A single piece of potato comprises carbohydrates in 25g. You can have 20-30g of carbs daily in the ketogenic diet. That way, for the question, are potatoes part of the keto diet? You can have one potato in the entire day.

In the list of starchy vegetables, we have green peas, corn, sweet potatoes, butternut, lentils, and beans. However, potatoes are listed as the highest contributor to body weight and sugar levels. But when studied deeper, it turns out to be otherwise. Potatoes are healthy when eaten correctly, in the right proportion, and at the right time.

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