A Wearable AI Assistant That Responds To Gesture Support And Voice Commands

Smart wearables have been a part of our daily life for quite a long, making things easy. It started with fitness bands, and now we have smartwatches and headgear. The latest in line is a wearable AI assistant that responds to gesture support, and voice commands all independently. Without having to pair with any other device.

Humane, a startup by Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri (ex-Apple employees), is working on something called “a wearable AI assistant.” It is a standalone device with which you can converse just like a personal assistant. Also, there is an in-built projector that can display information on your hand or any other surface area nearby under circumstances when reading is far more seamless than viewing.

If you drop by the official website of Humane, the company believes in creating innovative technology that feels more human, natural, and familiar. However, the website has nothing about this particular smart wearable. But Imran Chaudhri’s presentation in TedTalk helped with certain positive glimpses.

Primary Features

Wearable AI Assistant
Interpretation from Chaudhri’s live demo at TED talk

Chaudhri stated that this AI assistant (wearable) is a standalone choice that does not need to be paired with any other secondary device or smartphone.

Wearable AI Assistant
Interpretation from Chaudhri’s live demo at TED talk

The AI smart assistance can interact with the world just like any other human would. It will just blend off in the background and of one’s life.

Things That This Wearable AI Assistant Can Do

Wearable AI Assistant
The device can be pined like a batch (Screenshot Source: Twitter)

While presenting, Imran Chaudhri was spotted wearing the gadget, sticking out of his jacket’s breast pocket. The device was positioned as you would otherwise place a regular badge. Just one tap, and it is fully functional.

  • It will summarize text messages, personal invites, emails, and other essential information.
  • Revert answers to multiple questions, like (Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa).
  • A tiny projection built within helps display caller ID or other essential information on the user’s hand.
  • It is also speculated that the device comes with a camera. Because the wearable AI assistant helped Chaudhri with adequate insights at the right time. At one point, he was seen holding a candy bar in front of the device, questioning, can he have it? The device was found to answer that it contains Cocoa Butter which Chaudhri is intolerant to. That way, he (Chaudhri) must reconsider his choice.
  • Lastly, the device can also translate the user’s speech into another language of choice, utilizing an AI-generated voice.

The Wearable AI Assistant As A Standalone Device

While most AI assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google have a wake word, this Wearable AI Assistant till now has none. While presenting, the presenter was seen interacting with the device through voice by tapping on it before speaking. There are LED lights indicating when the device is listening and when a call is coming.

Questions Users Have Regarding This Wearable AI Assistant

Because there has been no official announcement with product guidelines yet, spectators have many questions. Some of these are addressed below.

Wearable AI Assistant
A live demo (Screenshot Source: Twitter)
  • Is the wearable AI assistant a futuristic replacement for smartphones? Because at one point, Chaudhri was seen receiving a call from Bethany Bongiorno (his wife and co-founder of Humane), which the device projected on his hand.
  • Are there any inbuilt apps? As the product demo showcases Chaudhri and his wearable AI assistant conversing about a candy bar.
  • What will be the net cost? While Chat GPT, Auto GPT, and GPT 4 are economical for the pocket and have the user pay nothing. But this AI assistant’s ability to do so much might scale itself at a high price range.

So far, the idea behind this project is to keep screens out of our lives. Well, that’s ambitious! However, nothing is official now, and one must patiently wait for the future.

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