Beat Monday Blues With These 7 Amazing Hacks

The start of a week is somewhat depressive and anxious. You must have come across the phrase, “Monday blues hitting hard.” And often, you will see people debating whether it is real.

Monday blues hitting hard
Are Monday Blues for real?

According to research, people complain when returning to their jobs on a Monday morning. The candidates liked their job less and underwent a series of anxiety and stress at the beginning of the week. Also, some people find their Monday blues directly related to Sunday scaries. The latter comprises symptoms like dread, worrying, and agitation on a Sunday night.

What Causes Monday Blues?

Everyone is searching, “How to deal with Monday anxiety?” or Monday blues, to be precise. But before that, let’s introduce you to some obvious causes.

  • Continuous exposure to too much of stressors in the job sector can lead to complete burnout. Thus making it difficult for the person and rather dreadful to return to the same place. Adjusting your pre-existing responsibilities or taking a few days off might help the situation.
  • Sometimes, one cannot just get control of their thoughts, and the worldview changes. This can be the person overthinking or indulging in self-conceived negative thought processes. A common scenario for Monday blues is when you are skeptical about the week ahead and cannot focus on anything positive.
  • Disruptive weekend habits can affect your mood on Mondays. While you live a disciplined life on the weekdays, weekends call for late-night parties or binge-watching your favorite show. And as per research, disturbed sleeping habits change a person’s behavioral patterns.
Beat Monday Blues
Stress makes you vulnerable to anxiety

7 Amazing Hacks: How do you overcome Monday blues?

The symptoms of Monday blues overlap with those of depression, adjustment disorders, anger issues, and procrastination. Some also underwent major loss of appetite and continued headaches for no proper reason.

However, life is all about growth and resourceful living. One cannot just give up on their job and continue feeling long-term anxiety. As an additional help, here is a list of 7 amazing hacks to drive away Monday blues and make the best of the rest.

Get A Hobby

Working on a hobby seems next to impossible, with the entire week being super busy! Now you have the weekend off, why not give it a try? Or else, with a little push to your creativity levels, you can surely make some time for your hobby during the weekdays. Start gardening or painting your ideas. You can also make some time to write down ideas that seem important. Scientists from New Zealand suggest engaging in creative behavior helps enhance well-being, which lasts until the next day.

Pen Down Your Thoughts On A Journal

The best way to deal with one’s thoughts is by writing them down. Journaling will help you write the exact thoughts (both happy and sad) in your mind and plan the days accordingly. When trying to beat your Monday blues, you can always write down your thoughts on a Sunday night and deal with people at work likewise. Journaling does help you address the real problem and find ways to communicate your issues to the outer world.

Practice Mindfulness

This calls for you to participate in some wellness habits and practice mindfulness. You can start little and try to live in the moment, give time to yourself and focus on how far you have made. Treat yourself the best and give up on those self-doubts immediately. Everything will start making sense when your vision of self is more prominent.

How do you overcome Monday blues?
Beat Monday blues with positivity

Work On Organizing Your Surrounding

A clean room can help you focus, while an organized work desk will help you with better ideas. Often less is more in this case. Get rid of the unnecessary paper pile on your desk, or start organizing your cupboard. Set a timer and start with the process. By the end, you will feel all those anxious thoughts in your brain diminishing. You can do the same to your house as well.


Most modern-day desk jobs require sitting around for hours, and there is no time for physical activities or mental detoxification. Meditate on weekends (body scan, walking, and sitting meditation) or exercise regularly. You can also go for a walk in the nearby park and enjoy nature as it is.

Treat Sundays As A Complete Day For Rest

Humans are social beings, and this particular trait often works as a reason for their downfall. With so many outdoor plans on a single Sunday, your body gets tired naturally and finds it hard to focus at work the next day. Otherwise known as Monday blues. Treat Sundays as a complete day for rest. Let your body and brain rejuvenate themselves and prepare for the week ahead.

Be Optimistic And Smile More

Whether you like your job or not, do not let that show on your face. A recent study did find that the mere act of smiling helps with mood improvement and better coping during stressful situations. Also, following the “law of attraction rule,” you attract what you think. So it is best to leave off that stressful thought and look forward to Monday for a fresh beginning.

Remember, every day is a new day, offering something to learn. There is no way you can over-generalize all days and spoil your mood. So, what are you waiting for? Start fresh and give in your best.

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