Can someone ride a bicycle without chain?

For ages, bicycles have been all about chains and wheels. And all you have to do is keep on pedaling to generate energy and reach the destination. On the road, people face multiple hazards, and the continuous struggle with lubrication and maintenance of the chains continues. Sometimes the chains get stuck, and the rider needs to get them detangled by hand. This often destroys their clothing. However, those stressful days are gone, and now, the world has a suitable solution: a new bicycle without chain. So what is this new bicycle without a chain, and how does it work? Read on and find out on your own!

Bicycle without a chain – The NuBike History

Rodger Parker from Los Angeles wanted to help riders eliminate the problem of greasy chains and stained clothes. Also, the ultimate blow was his wife getting diagnosed with a knee problem due to years of extensive riding. When he started looking, it was quite astonishing that till now, there was no concrete solution to this particular problem type. And roger did take things in his hand.

The beginning

At his initial stage, Rodger did start by drawings on napkins, following mock-ups on plastics, wood, and finally, aluminum. He did want the bicycle to feel good and in sync with the posterior moves of the rider. Moving forward. It was time to select a metal for the main frame of the bicycle. And in the past, there were records of composite frames splitting apart under stress. Now, Rodger did come up with an enhanced solution where the NuBike has a carbon fiber within it, known as “I-Beam.” The entire bike does weigh less than three pounds.

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With a new frame optimized in the computer, Rodger did manage to pull off and accommodate most of the essentials, including the handlebars, wheels, saddles, and more. And as the project went on speed, he did apply for a patent.

Challenges faced

But now he got into another problematic situation. The axel and the rare wheel were turning into pretzels because extra power was getting channelized into the same. Even after using the strongest metal type that humankind knows, Rodger’s bike was falling apart. Now, discouraged by the outcome, he gave up on the project and canceled his application.

bicycle without chain
Based on the mechanics of gravity and leverage the NuBike operates

A year did pass in the middle, and finally, Rodger’s engineers did come up with a new metal that is used by the military as well. Though the same did require special techniques and equipment to mold the same, it did work well.

The Final Result: The bicycle without chain

The final bicycle without chain is ultimately here. Based on the mechanics of gravity and leverage, the model is ready to move on. Also, on delivering longer amounts of pedal cranks, the rare wheel of the bicycle gets more energy. Now, the mechanics of vertical pedaling and gravity, in combination with the weight of the rider, is capable of producing accurate force throughout the pedal stroke. This way, there is a lesser amount of stress on the rider’s hips, ankles, and knees. When brought to practical execution, the NuBike is a worthy investment.

Bicycle without chain drive – Highlighting features of NuBike

The NuBike being the first-ever bicycle without a chain has made it to the top of the talk for people around. Well, it does comprise adequate facilities for everyone to rejoice, and here is a list of them all:

  • The bike is low in weight, standing at 1.36 kg. In comparison to other road bikes, they stand at 8.16 kg. There is no way you will ever face any challenge in regard to transportation when planning to carry the same. You are always ready to travel lite.
  • Not only the weight but the overall size of the NuBike is also quite friendly and can easily fit inside the trunk of most SUVs. And as evident, mountaineers mostly using NuBike do travel on their road trips with SUVs.
  • The carbon fiber frame of the bicycle is extra durable and strong. It can handle multiple stress types, no matter the situation.
  • Finally, the vertical pedaling system of the bike is new in town and does work as the main USP. Without having to pedal in a full-fledged circle, you can move in a straight line. This prevents the knees, ankles, and hip from excessive bending.

Why is NuBike better than regular bikes?

NuBikes are totally labor based and do not require external fueling attributes to move forward. There is no way you will have to worry about running out of fuel when traveling on a NuBike. Also, the best part is its durability and ease of carrying around, which is less hazardous when compared to the other two-wheeler types.

Bicycle without chain – The present status of NuBike

The NuBike project is yet to be launched and made available for people there. After the failure of its first major Kickstarter campaign in 2019’s Jan-Feb, there has been no more official announcement on the news or the website. During the campaign’s initial period, the bicycle was priced at $3600.

NuBike can be termed as one of the most innovative and goal-driven finds of technology. Promising to help people across the globe in the best way possible. The only await is the final launch of the product and the regular audience being able to avail of the same. As of now, there is no official update, but you never know what the future has in store.

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