Carnation Flowers: The Flowers Of God

Carnation flowers are also known as Dianthus caryophyllus or the “Flowers of God.” These have grown for the last 2000 years and have stood the test of time quite gracefully. Owing to these blooms’ light and sweet scents, people find Carnations flowers the best suited for birthdays and weddings.

carnation flowers
Carnation flowers have been there for the past 2000 years

Looking at the main areas of production, Carnation flowers are grown across Asia and Europe. It belongs to the Caryophyllaceae family, with 88 genera and 2000 species. Approximately you will find 300 varieties of Carnations across the globe.

Carnation Flowers: The Flowers Of God

As per common belief, the tears of the Virgin Mary stand as the reason behind the very formation of Carnation flowers when Christ was crucified. Another theory lets us know that the scientific name of the Carnations flowers originated from “Mighty Zeus.”

Coming to the Greek language, Zeus stands for “dios,” and the word flower is “anthos,” this makes for an explanation of the word “dianthus” or the other name for Carnation.

Carnation Colors And Their Symbolism

Carnations are available in various colors like pink, red, scarlet, yellow, and white. Each has a different meaning with specific symbolism. Some of them are listed below:

Carnation Flowers
White Carnations are created through selective breeding

White Carnation: It is all about luck and purity. So when you are planning to wish someone conveying a message of a prosperous life and pure love, gift them a white Carnation.

red carnations
Naturally, carnations are pinkish and purple

Red Carnation: While light red Carnations stand for admiration, and the dark red Carnations symbolize love and affection, in 1911, on the occasion of the first Women’s Day, women carried red Carnations to the street, demonstrating the right to vote. Thus the same (red Carnation) is also regarded as a symbol of equality. Gift your girlfriend, wife, or colleague a Carnation on the 8th of March as a symbol of appreciation.

Yellow Carnations
Yellow carnations represent disappointment

Yellow Carnation: Yellow Carnations are used to convey disappointments and rejection at some times. Mostly couples use the same for mutual breakups or to convey dislike against something. Also, during the Victorian era, Carnations were used to send secret messages. A solid colored Carnation denoted “yes,” while yellow stood for “no.”

Pink carnations
You can gift your mother Pink Carnations on Mother’s Day

Pink Carnation: It stands for motherly love or fondness. Pink Carnations blossomed for the first time with Mother Marry weeping for Jesus. The light pink ones can be used to signify gratitude and mother-like love. At the same time, the dark pink ones present tenderness, blooming love, and fondness for someone.

Purple Carnations
Purple Carnations represent capriciousness

Purple Carnation: It is to convey your condolences for an unfortunate circumstance. You can also gift a person a purple Carnation on occasions when you owe them an apology.

Various Use Cases Of Carnation

Here is a list of various use cases of Carnation:

Carnation Tea

In the middle ages, Carnation flowers were used in food. A small flower or a half can make a complete tea pitcher. For ages, tea prepared from Carnations has been used to treat diarrhea.

Essential Oils – Carnation

Carnation essential oils offer huge relief when used to massage areas for muscular pain, paralyzed body parts, and rheumatic disorders. You can obtain essential oils from Carnation by pressure and use them to treat ailments related to sciatica.

Carnation Incense

When thinking of natural perfumes for your home, use Carnation incense. Also, lighting one does help with healing and enhances your strength.

Heath Benefits Of Carnation Flowers

health benefits of Carnation flowers
You can use Carnation oil to lower wrinkles and take care of various skin problems

Carry on with your reading task to find out about the health benefits of Carnation:

  • The flower is a tonic for fever, flu, fatigue, and asthenia.
  • In ancient texts, it was termed a magic plant, offering quick relief from migraine, nervous disorders, palpitations, vertigo, and migraine.
  • Earlier, Carnation milk obtained through distillation was used to treat various ailments. In France, the same was used to treat tiredness in the eye.
  • Carnation tea offers the right amount of relief from stress and nervousness.
  • You can depend on essential oils from Carnation to treat skin rashes and condition the same.
  • Carnations are a great healing property for problems like excessive gas, sore muscles, hair loss, sweat production, and muscle spasms.
  • You can have Carnation tea during periods to reduce uterine wall muscle tension. Thus it will help you eliminate the pain and irritation from menstrual cramps. Moreover, you can depend on the tea to experience relief from a congested throat and nourish your lungs.
  • Lastly, Carnations are antidepressants and act as quick mood lifters in all forms.

So that is all about the flowers of God. Additionally, those born in January use Carnations as their birth flower. There are other traditions around the world regarding Carnations, and people try to make the best out of the same.

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