Feijoa And Its Lesser Known Benefits

Mostly found in the native highlands of South America – Southern Brazil, northern Argentina, eastern Paraguay, and Uruguay, Feijoa belongs to a species of flowering plant. This fruit matures in autumn, is green and about the size of a regular egg. On consumption, you will get to taste a unique flavour combining the guava, pineapple, and mint notes.

Famous for popular nicknames like” pineapple guava”, “Brazilian guava”, or “guavas-teen,’ you must always eat it fresh. Often used in salads, desserts, jams, and beverages, the Feioja fruit is filled with pulp and enormous juices.

  • Location: Warm sub-tropical plant regions
  • Growth Span: Slow-growing plant
  • Scientific Name: Acca Sellowiana
Image Source: researchgate.net

Benefits Of Including Feijoa In Your Diet

Feijoa was introduced to the Andean countries back in the 19th century. A popular variant from the Guavaian family, it has a pleasant smell. If you are planning to include the fruit in your diet but contemplating what the benefits are, read below:

Good For Your Digestive Health

Feijoa fruit consists of fibres that stimulate peristaltic motion & increase gastric juice secretion, which eases constipation, digestion, and protects the body from colorectal cancer.

Help Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

High potassium levels in Feijoa help reduce the risk of hypertension. It helps the blood vessels to relax and maintain proper blood pressure. Those fighting cholesterol levels can have it as a food or a drink. The high pectin levels help bring down the rising numbers.

A Great Immune Against Cancer

You can trust Feijoa to reduce your stress levels and improve the oxygen circulation to your cells. It can also reduce the impact of damage by free radicals and enhance your body’s immune system against cancer.

Increase Memory And Brain Function

If included in a regular diet, this fruit delays the chances of Alzheimer’s dementia and other age-related diseases. Highly beneficial for seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other diseases affecting the brain.

Good For Pregnancy

Expecting mothers can eat this fruit. It helps the mother combat the chances of anaemia. Fatigue and dizziness are common symptoms of Anemia during pregnancy. Feijoa, as an iron-rich fruit, is helpful.

Magic Iodine

This fruit is abundant in iodine. People suffering from goitre or hypothyroidism must include it in their diet.

Reduce Depressive Disorders

Daily Feijoa intake will help fight depression. This fruit is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, including resveratrol, and is beneficial for all ages.

Along with the benefits listed, this special variant from the guava family is abundant in fibre and helps in digestion, besides mitigating constipation. The fruit is goodness-overloaded, especially in New Zealand from autumn to early winter. Include one in your daily diet, and you are all sorted.

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