Future Of Robotics

Future Of Robotics: Robots Helping Humans Towards A Better Future

Those who are into Marvel movies or have especially watched Iron Man know what future-abled robots look like. Some might argue that these ideas are a part of the screenplay and seize to exist for real. But modern-day innovations combined with AI (artificial intelligence) can turn such concepts into something real in no time. Thus boosting humanoid automation multi folds more than ever imagined. The future of robotics has multiple possibilities for the human race to believe in.

More than robots working in the conventional product line, you have the particulars to explore unventured genres that were not possible earlier. This time humans are using robotic technicalities to move towards a sustainable future and help mankind attend to the much-required peace (mentally).

Future Of Robotics: Robots As Guides Helping People With Meditation Practices

Researchers from two eminent institutions in Hong Kong have recently developed a study. Here they have explored the potential capabilities of robots, guiding humans through health and wellness.

The team uses social robots to monitor and especially enhance the mental well-being of young adults, given that the latter are always exposed to stress and isolation. The area of focus was walking & loving-kindness meditations.

You have the walking meditation focused on helping individuals in getting more mindful about the experiences they are going through while walking. On the other hand, the loving-kindness meditation promotes empathy and makes people feel open toward others.

future of robotics

The Inspiration And Work In The Research Process

The team got inspired by the Broaden-and-Build Theory, focusing on the role and importance of positive emotions in maintaining the well-being of a person. A total of 142 personalities were made part of the research aged between 18 to 34 years. They went through meditation sessions under the guidance of the recorded voice of a trainer and a social robot.

For the robot, the research team went with NAO, a humanoid social robot developed by a company based in France. Moving further into the study, the participants were divided into multiple groups and made part of individual sessions. One received guidance from the social robot, another over human voice recording, and the last simply rested.


The participants receiving instructions over human voice recording and social robots reported similar cognitive alterations towards a positive side. To investigate further, the team plans to move ahead with further robot-specific experiments like this. Finding a way to venture out into the previously unexplored robotics path.

RoboMapper And The Future Of Robotics In Solar Energy Generation

Another research team has developed a futuristic robot technology, which they have named RoboMapper. The robot can conduct advanced efficiency and sustainability experiments, developing various modern semiconductor materials comprising desirable attributes. Here, the team has used the robot to find adequate resources for solar energy generation.

The best part about RoboMapper is that it helps fast-forward the entire development process, simultaneously reducing the cost and time required. Also, as per researchers, developing conventional materials requires multiple steps – placing, aligning, and organizing samples. A RoboMapper automates this, miniaturizing the samples, making them easy to print.

The robot works by collecting data from multiple stages at the same time. Thus eliminating all chances of energy overuse and extra time requirement. The team can finally present a new way out, where searching for a sustainable energy mode does not lead to extra wastage of time and energy. Thus leaving behind unnecessary carbon footprints. Also, they do state that the technology behind RoboMapper is 10x faster than the previously used ones.

future of robotics

Research Outcome

The researchers tasked the RoboMapper with alloy-making within a defined arrangement of elements. The robot was able to come up with 150 types of alloy compositions. Also, it was able to conduct X-ray structural assessments, optical spectroscopy, and stability tests on those samples.

The main focus was identifying whether the alloy was appropriate for fitting solar cells and amplifying the solar energy generation process. To which the team found useful data portrayed to them by RoboMapper. Also, the researchers have acclaimed that they are ready to work with real industry experts and help them identify expanding possibilities for photovoltaics and other swift energy reforms.

So that is all about the future of robotics. Given the technological innovations that humankind is going through, modern science hopes to come up with better explorations soon.

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