Fitbit app By Google Gets AI Enhanced

Google x AI! Fitbit App By Google Gets AI Enhanced, To Deliver Meaningful And Personalized Health Insights

Other health and fitness-related products, along with the Fitbit app by Google gets AI enhanced! The business recently revealed that it will soon integrate personal AI into its products. They aim to give consumers improved health-centric features, as revealed at the Check Up with Google Health 2024 event.

The business is developing a Gemini AI-based large language model (LLM) to provide a personal coach. They clarified that this technology is not meant for the diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any kind of medical condition. 

Fitbit App By Google Gets AI Enhanced

Fitbit Lab builds on Google’s AI know-how. It may assist users in obtaining personalized and significant insights by combining their multimodal time series health and wellness data. 

As part of this development, the Fitbit app by Google gets AI enhanced. Fitbit Labs provides early access to the planned AI capabilities. It will enable Google to integrate several AI features into the Fitbit app. Google will provide customers with in-depth information about their fitness and health by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). That’s how it will comprehend and analyze all the health-related data gathered by smartphones and wearables like smartwatches.

As the Fitbit app by Google gets AI enhanced, there will be new features added to it. It will include the capacity to pose queries from recorded information on steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and other metrics. The AI bot enables users to communicate effectively and gain accurate data insights. It can also produce charts utilizing these data points in an easily readable style.

The chatbot will provide tailored and condensed responses to user queries, depending on the data. Google plans to expand the markers for AI to analyze and understand a user’s fitness and health levels. The AI will then be able to integrate several biomarkers to obtain more insightful data. All interested parties may sign up via Fitbit Labs to access these capabilities, currently exclusive to Fitbit premium members.

Wearables track vital biometric data. It may provide users with information about their behaviors, general health, and more. However, it takes time to understand this data. Therefore, Fitbit and Google Research are collaborating to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up the data evaluation process. 


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