Technological trends in the upcoming years

The COVID-19 pandemic did change a lot, making this world a different place than what it used to be. The human brain is now at the peak of its innovative mindset, and technological trends or discoveries rule the globe. The main focus is to move towards a sustainable lifestyle, better living conditions, and a fulfilling human life.

technological trends and news
Innovation is on the rise

Top economists, scientists, and researchers are all emphasizing the same. And they together are planning a path towards the road of a long recovery. So, here is a long list of technological trends and innovations you can expect in the upcoming years.

Artificial muscles can outperform the human muscles

Created out of dielectric elastomers, we have artificial muscles on top of the tech trends and news. The particular belongs to the electroactive polymer range and is a positive approach towards building fake muscles. Moving on, the application area will be soft robotics and human implants.

As quoted by the author of the entire research Qibing Pei “they are excited about this latest finding.” Are you finding it hard to believe? Don’t worry! There are proper test results doing justice. The material did expand and got back to the same position, just like a breathing diaphragm. On the other hand, the muscle was able to toss a ball 20x heavier. Coming to flexibility, these artificial muscles are three to ten times more flexible.

The researchers did take inflexible materials that are acrylic based and put the same under UV light’s curing process. As an outcome, they did get their hands on high-performing artificial produce, but light as human hair. Now, layers are added to the same, curating a sheet of artificial muscles. The primary mode of control for these muscles is electrical energy, and one can activate or deactivate the same as convenient.

Hydrogen-fueled commercial flights to take off in 2024

Yes, it is happening, and here the world, including you, can experience Hydrogen run commercial flights under bookings. Known as the first zero-emission initiative (commercial), the flight will be moving passengers between the UK – the Netherlands.

It is an acting partnership between the Royal Schiphol Group, ZeroAvia, The Hague Airport (Rotterdam), and The Hague Innovation Airport’s Foundation in Rotterdam. The rise in aviation-initiated CO2 emissions from flights did pave the way for such a decision.

The primary focus of ZeroAvia revolves around the concept of using fuels from hydrogen cells to power electric motors. And earlier in 2020, a hydrogen-fuel Piper-M class flight did complete its maiden journey.

The aviation sector faces many challenges regarding reducing its environmental footprint, and this hydrogen model fuel flight is a great venture. But the concept will surely take some time, and under a steady approach from all partners, things will be easy to handle.

The act of hyper-automation

Companies are slowly moving towards hyper-automation. Where they are seen to automate, identify and vet tasks accordingly. As per research, hyper-automation is the primary key to growth and sustainability, besides a mere option, as most people think.

Artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, and machine learning technology are mostly applied to automate marketing processes, production chains, and workflows. The main focus is to automate every repetitive task and develop bots to perform the same.

A lot of time and labor can be utilized for other important tasks, with hyper-automation at the rescue. Thus paving the way for fluid organizations that can adapt to upcoming changes in real-time. However, the concept of hyper-automation is not dependent on a single technology and has a number of them integrated. Here is a complete list of all the points:

  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cobots
  • Big data
  • Chatbots
  • Machine learning

Shape-shifting metal robots

Well, the Marvel Universe did make us equipped with the concepts of robots and supernaturals doing all sorts of amazing things easily. Here we are talking about one of the magnificent findings among all the other technological trends in 2023: shape-shifting metal robots guided externally. And guess what? We have Sea cucumbers as the acting inspiration.

Moving on with the innovation part, the team took gallium (having a melting point of 30 degrees celsius). They did expose the same to a rapidly evolving magnetic field, liquefying the same. This changing magnetic field creates energy within the gallium, heats it, and melts progressively. Finally, the same does get back to its solid state when left out at room temperature.

Now the real catch is there are magnetic particles over the galium, and permanent magnets can drag them easily. Now the team did test their innovation on tiny machines, melting under described conditions and then getting back to their solid states.

Scientists and researchers do plan to use such a technique in the future, navigating through confined and narrow spaces. Which will bring in a lot of innovation in the field of surgery, war, and architectural thresholds.

Digital Humans

Well, you did hear it right. Last but not the least, there is a whole digitalized human being ready to take your place. Don’t be scared. We are only talking about hypothetical situations. With advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Digital Multiple Experience, and Virtual Reality, such a concept is no longer bound to science fiction.

The latest launches in Metaverse have created a heap of digital capabilities for human beings to indulge in. Apart from having your avatar to make your social profile more interesting, you can now interact with people from the past through digital avatars.

Companies dealing with customers at the front base do use such techniques to deal with their clients. The ultimate aim is to bring back compassion and empathy within the conversation that has almost disappeared. Also, for recreational purposes, humans can have their avatars created on the internet and chat online.

Well, that was all, with the basics. Write down in the comment section below if you have more names to add to the list of Technological trends, and will surely try and cover details regarding the same.

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