17 Best WhatsApp Web Tips And Tricks That Every User Should Know

WhatsApp has emerged as a critical part of our daily conversation, connecting us with buddies, circle of relatives, and colleagues 24 x 7. While most users are acquainted with the mobile app, it is the WhatsApp Web that one can also use in time of need. In this blog, we’ll discover 17 important WhatsApp web tips and tricks to make your messaging spree efficient.

17 Must Know WhatsApp Tips And Tricks

From effortlessly navigating among chats to hastily muting conversations, these shortcuts offer a handy manner to engage with the web version of WhatsApp. Say goodbye to cumbersome taps and discover a faster, and efficient manner to communicate on WhatsApp right out of your keyboard.

QR Code Magic

To start your WhatsApp Web journey, use the QR code scanner for your mobile app to sync along with your laptop effects. This guarantees a steady connection and a continuing transition between devices.

Multiple Browser Tabs

Did you know that you can use WhatsApp Web on a couple of browser tabs? Open numerous conversations simultaneously by launching a couple of times of WhatsApp Web in exclusive tabs, making multitasking a breeze.

Custom Notifications

Tailor your notification options for every chat with the help of clicking on the contact or institution name. This lets you stay on the pinnacle of important conversations without being beaten by using consistent alerts.

Emoji Shortcuts

Speed up your messaging with emoji shortcuts. Simply type ‘:’ accompanied using the first few letters of the emoticon or item you need to specify, and WhatsApp will propose relevant emojis.

Search For Messages

WhatsApp Web

Quickly find unique messages from the conversation tab using the search bar. Type a keyword, and WhatsApp Web will filter out and show the relevant messages. Thus saving you time scrolling through countless conversations from the previous month or year.

Provision To Mark Messages As Unread

You can mark a message as unread on the WhatsApp Web. Right-click on a message and select ‘Mark as Unread’ to make certain you don’t pass over important messages.

Starred Messages

WhatsApp Web

Highlight critical messages by selecting the star button available on the web. Easily locate those messages later with the aid of clicking at the three dots on the top and selecting ‘Starred Messages.’

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Boost your efficiency with keyboard shortcuts. Press ‘Ctrl + /’ to view the to-be-had shortcuts, along with navigating among chats, muting, and archiving conversations. Remember, this part is different from the whatsapp keyboard shortcut Android.

Reply Privately in Group Chats

Respond discreetly in group chats by right-clicking on a message and deciding on ‘Reply privately.’ This opens a non-public chat with the chosen contact, permitting you to communicate independently with the person.

Mute Chats

Silence group chats using the mute button. Click on the group name, visit ‘Mute,’ and pick out the duration – whether or not it’s eight hours, a week, or usually. This is applicable for tricks to use the best of WhatsApp web iOS version as well.

Dark Mode

Let your eyes relax by switching to Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web. Click on the 3 dots, navigate to ‘Settings,’ and pick out ‘Theme’ to select Dark Mode or Light Mode in step with your preference.

Status Privacy

Control who sees your WhatsApp fame updates. Customize your privacy settings and choose who gets to view your stories on WhatsApp Web. Select between all contacts, some or others.

View Statuses Anonymously

Want to test a person’s fame without them understanding? Turn on airplane mode before viewing WhatsApp Web status. Now, you can continue surfing through the updates without letting anyone understand.

Edit Images Before Sending

Enhance your snapshots without delay on WhatsApp Web before sending them. Click on the attachment icon, browse through images saved on the desktop or download option on your PC, and then select an image or multiple. Before sending you will come across multiple tools that will help you work on the image.

Manage Storage

Click on ‘Settings,’ go to ‘Storage and Data,’ and pick ‘Manage Storage’ to study and delete unique media files.

Custom Wallpapers

Personalize your 1:1 chats by using custom wallpapers. Click on the three dots, go to ‘Settings,’ and select a ‘Chat Wallpaper’ that you like. You can choose from the ones available or upload an image that you like.

Logout Remotely

Did you forget to log out from a public computer or laptop? No worries. Go to your mobile application, explore ‘WhatsApp Web’ in settings, and snap ‘Logout from all gadgets’ to guarantee the right security.

By incorporating these 17 WhatsApp web tips and tricks into your habit, you’ll find yourself navigating with more ease. Stay related, stay knowledgeable, and make the most of your WhatsApp experience!

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