20 Minecraft Alternatives – Free To Download

Initially launched in 2009 as a PC game, Minecraft quickly garnered widespread popularity due to its open-world setting, customizable features, seamless gameplay, and appealing graphics. After being in the business, this particular game has gained a decent fan base. Still people try and look for Minecraft Alternatives, now and then. Making it all easy here, these are some of the names that are free to download:


Terraria is a more demanding counterpart to the Minecraft experience, introducing a struggle for survival, wealth, and triumph. The game is set in a vast universe, Incorporating the core elements of exploration, crafting, building, and combat reminiscent of Minecraft’s adventure mode. Terraria unfolds within a retro 2D environment, a comprehensive Minecraft Alternative to download.


Next, we have Roblox as a Minecraft alternative. Renowned for its popularity and multiplayer dynamics, Roblox boasts various engaging features. The character customization feature of the game enables players to create unique clothing items, distinguishing their characters from others. The construction utilizes blocks of various colors, sizes, and shapes, offering a compelling alternative to Minecraft.


Trove is an adventure game set in a voxel-based sandbox, offering a unique mix of exploration, combat, and creativity. Players dive into an ever-changing, procedurally generated world with dungeons, quests, and various biomes. Trove stands out with its distinctive class system, offering players diverse character classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

Block Story

Block Story seamlessly merges the beloved 3D block-building and sandbox exploration gameplay with captivating and addictive role-playing game elements. By undertaking quests, players can conquer varied biomes and strive to attain the title of the greatest warrior in the realm.

Stardrew Valley

Stardew Valley, as a Minecraft Alternative, offers a captivating blend of farming simulation and role-playing. It allows players to escape the hustle of urban life and rejuvenate a neglected farm. Progressing through four seasons, each marked by distinct activities and events, players immerse themselves in the joys of agriculture.

Cube World

Cube World stands out with its unique voxel graphics, featuring a delightful and blocky aesthetic. Players can choose various character classes, each equipped with distinctive abilities, setting the stage for an adventure teeming with dungeons, monsters, and quests. Cube World is enriched by diverse landscapes, ranging from lush forests to expansive deserts. Each presents its own challenges and surprises, making it a great option as a Minecraft alternative.


Nelson Sexton, a young independent game developer from Calgary, Canada curated Unturned. At the age of sixteen, Sexton launched the first version of Unturned. Unturned offers players the ability to craft personalized maps through an in-game editor.


Eco, developed by Strange Loop Games, is an ecological simulation game that acts as an impressive Minecraft Alternate and immerses players in a shared world. In this collaborative environment, players work together to construct a civilization while confronting various environmental challenges. A key feature of Eco is its dynamic ecosystem, which responds to player actions, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and resource management in gameplay.


Minicraft is a 2D top-down action game by Markus Persson, the mind behind Minecraft. It was developed for Ludum Dare, a 48-hour game programming competition. The game, showcasing Persson’s creative skills, got officially released on December 19, 2011, comprising intuitive features, turning out to be an impressive Minecraft Alternative.

Survivalcraft 2

Survivalcraft 2 is an expansive open-world sandbox game that challenges players to navigate and endure in a dynamic landscape. The game encompasses essential exploration, crafting, and combat elements, delivering a well-rounded and immersive survival experience.

Blockstart Planet

With a genre combination of sandbox and adventure, Blockstart Planet comprises feature mechanics around a building in a sandbox environment of a blocky planet. Players can expect to participate in crafting, gather resources, and potentially experience combat as part of their gameplay.


Starbound, a 2D sandbox game, invites players to explore planets generated procedurally, gather resources, and partake in the art of crafting. The game offers quests, diverse biomes, and the added dimension of space exploration to enrich the overall experience.

Block Craft 3D

A mobile game that allows players to build and craft within a 3D blocky world. The game emphasizes creative building, thus empowering players to design and construct their own cities.


Participants in Growtopia have the freedom to build and explore diverse worlds. It is a multiplayer sandbox game that highlights collaboration and creativity. The game enables players to craft, construct, create, and trade items.


You can build and destroy blocks in Multi craft, otherwise a basic sandblock simulation app. You can survive and construct unique buildings with the resources and various tools, blocks, and weapons. These features make it a simpler Minecraft Alternative.


Originating in 2011, Terasology is a tech demo game inspired by Minecraft. Since then, it has evolved into a diverse testing ground for various technical experiments and proof of concept, making it a perfect Minecraft alternative.

The Blockheads

“The Blockheads” is a 2.5D survival sandbox game in which players control a customizable avatar known as a “Blockhead.” Players can explore their surroundings, navigate the world map, and gather materials to construct structures within the game.


As a player, you venture into a mysterious realm and shape your own realities throughout the journey. While some users draw parallels to Minecraft, many feel that Creativerse sets itself apart with significantly superior graphics.

Crafting And Building

Crafting And Building is a delightful creative sandbox game inspired by the immensely popular Minecraft. Unlike Minecraft, this game diverges from aspects involving survival or exploration, concentrating its gameplay solely on building.

The Forest

Developed in 2018, the survival horror game “The Forest” is made by Endnight Games. It follows a lone plane crash survivor on a mysterious island, requiring navigation, resource gathering, shelter building, and survival against hostile inhabitants. The game offers an immersive experience with a day-night cycle, dynamic weather, cave exploration, and a focus on building and combat.

The Minecraft Alternatives listed above are popular and comparatively impressive to play. Minecraft has a unique style in its visualization and mechanics, which is why it is still hugely popular. These are alternatives to the Minecraft game you could play every day.

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