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24 Canva Alternatives For 2024 – Free Versions Included

Since 2013, Canva has been a one-stop online designing tool and visual communication platform for professional designers and laymen. It has revolutionized the designing field with simple tools and a plethora of templates suitable for individuals at various skill levels. From aesthetic artwork to business posters, you can use Canva for various purposes. Yet, depending exclusively on a single platform for your design requirements can restrict your creative potential. Thus resulting in the content appearing monotonous. To help you seek a more sophisticated solution beyond fundamental editing tools, we have come up with effective Canva Alternatives to try in 2024:


Canva alternatives

Crello is recognized as an intuitive graphic design tool that offers an extensive selection of customizable templates. The diverse range of templates makes the platform well-suited for many design projects. Also, users benefit from Crello’s user-friendly interface and the ability to personalize templates to meet their needs. You can use it to create social media graphics, videos, GIFs, posters, websites, booklets, or multimedia presentations.


This tool helps users generate visually striking content without facing a challenging learning curve. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward features, Stencil allows individuals, regardless of their design expertise, to easily create compelling outputs. The platform focuses on simplicity and accessibility and contributes to an enhanced overall experience. You can use it to create compelling ads, social media graphics, and stunning blog headers.


Canva alternatives

Piktochart is a specialized platform that you can use to craft infographics and develop visually appealing content. Trusted by 11 million users, the platform stands out for its user-friendly interface and a collection of dynamic templates. Whether you are an experienced designer or a beginner in the field, Piktochart is a great tool to continue.


Nest in the list of Canva alternatives, we have Fotor! It is a web-based tool dedicated to both photo editing and graphic design. Here, as a user, you get access to a complete set of intuitive features to improve and modify images comprehensively. The platform caters to individuals seeking to enhance photos or engage in graphic design projects. You can manipulate images effectively through Fotor’s array of features – remove a background, make a collage, alter a photo into a piece of art, and more.


BeFunky is recognized as a versatile platform catering to photo editing and graphic design needs. It has gained popularity for its intuitive, user-friendly interface and a variety of creative tools. The platform stands out for its ability to appeal to users across different skill levels, offering a range of features. You can use BeFunky to crop or edit single photos, retouch portraits, edit photos in a batch, turn pictures into art, and more.


Animaker is a specialized tool designed for animation. It empowers users to create animated videos – meet diverse animation requirements effortlessly. The platform is tailored to provide a user-friendly experience. The tools here are powered by AI, helping you create studio-quality videos anytime.


Adobe Photoshop is renowned as the premier professional software for image editing within the Adobe suite. It has earned widespread acclaim for its robust features and capabilities, establishing itself as the industry benchmark for graphic design. Renowned for its powerful tools, Photoshop is the go-to choice for professionals seeking advanced image editing capabilities. With it, one can edit raw photos, adjust light and darkness, and remove objects precisely.


Canva alternatives

Creatopy is a comprehensive ad creation platform providing a specialized tool suite to produce impactful promotional materials. The platform is designed to meet the unique ad creation and marketing needs. It offers a wide set of dedicated features, helping to develop compelling visuals for promotional campaigns seamlessly. Large teams find it easy to work on Creatopy – they can create, animate, automate, collaborate, and deliver.


Visme stands out for its broad selection of templates. This feature-rich platform caters to a wide array of projects, offering versatility for tasks such as crafting presentations and designing infographics. With its comprehensive template library, Visme is a valuable tool for individuals and businesses seeking to engage in diverse visual projects. It provides a user-friendly and expansive resource for creative content creation.


PicMonkey is a photo editing and design tool that significantly emphasizes templates, aiming to simplify and streamline the creative process for its users. This platform is specifically crafted to provide a user-friendly experience. You can use it to curate attractive social media images, ads, and logos.


Desygner positions itself as an online design tool, turning out to be a versatile platform that you can use to create a variety of visual content. The platform stands out for its adaptability to multiple situations. Whether it’s for graphics, presentations, or other design projects, Desygner always offers a comprehensive and flexible solution. The platform caters to different requirements for individuals, businesses, and enterprises.


Canva alternatives

Pixlr is a photo editing software accessible through both online platforms and a dedicated app, offering users a combination of convenience and powerful editing features. This versatile tool is designed to allow users to edit their photos seamlessly. Pixlr is convenient, accessible, and robust in editing capabilities. It stands out as a user-friendly solution – helping users with bulk photo editing, creating templates, animating, and erasing backgrounds.


Venngage is a preferred platform for crafting visually engaging and easily understandable infographics. It is a go-to choice for those looking to present data compellingly. This platform specializes in helping create visually appealing representations of information, making data visualization accessible and aesthetically pleasing. You can also use the same to create compelling charts, reports, diagrams, and presentations.


canva alternatives

Focused on graphic and presentation design, DesignCap equips users with a comprehensive set of tools for crafting compelling visual content. This platform is designed to assist individuals in creating engaging and visually appealing output within no time. You can use it to create infographics, posters, invitations, Facebook covers, and charts.


Renowned for its collage and editing functionalities, FotoJet stands out as a graphic design tool tailored to users’ needs aiming to produce visually captivating compositions. This platform is specifically crafted for users who want to produce aesthetically pleasing designs. You can also use it to edit photos of interest – add text to the photo, crop the sides, resize, and change effects.


Created by Buffer, Pablo is a specialized tool crafted to simplify the generation of captivating social media images. Noteworthy for its commitment to a straightforward and efficient design process, this platform portrays a user-friendly interface, catering specifically to individuals who may not possess advanced design skills. Here, you can search across 600k images and edit them as well.


Customized for social media, advertisements, and various online purposes, Snappa is a graphic design tool that prioritizes the development of visually engaging content tailored for digital platforms. This platform strongly emphasizes enabling users to craft visually compelling materials specifically designed for effective communication in the online space.


Centered on marketing collateral, Easil is a graphic design tool meticulously crafted to aid users in generating influential promotional content. This platform is specifically tailored to facilitate the creation of impactful materials for marketing purposes. Its design elements and templates empower users to create materials that leave a lasting impression. You can use the tool to curate it all – greeting cards, banners, and posters.


Canva alternatives

AdobeExpress, a graphic design application, provides a streamlined yet robust array of tools to meet design requirements. This platform offers a simplified yet potent toolkit, allowing individuals to conveniently engage in graphic design tasks from their mobile devices. With a focus on versatility and efficiency, it enables users to create visually appealing designs without needing a desktop setup. Design TikToks, resumes, flyers, and Reels within the comprehensive Adobe Express.


DesignBold is a versatile design tool that caters to the creation of a wide range of visual content. It offers users a diverse set of features to accommodate various design projects. This platform is equipped with a comprehensive toolkit, allowing individuals to create different types of visual materials. Other than designing, with it you can create websites as well.


Adobe’s suite is a comprehensive solution for crafting graphics, web pages, and videos, offering a versatile set of tools for a wide range of multimedia projects. This integrated platform from Adobe provides users with a range of applications designed to meet diverse creative needs. With it, you can create, edit, and share your work as needed, regardless of your level of professionalism in the field.


Photopea is a web-based image editing tool that boasts features reminiscent of Photoshop. This online platform empowers users to conduct sophisticated image editing tasks directly within their web browsers. Making it to the list of Canva alternatives, this tool is equipped with great many features, where you can edit, layer, and filter an image. Whether as part of the team or as an individual, everyone can use Photopea as per requirement.

Corel Draw

Corel Draw, another in the list of Canva alternatives, is famous for its extensive array of features and adaptability. This professional design tool has earned recognition for its robust capabilities. Known for its versatility, Corel Draw is proficient in handling diverse graphic design tasks, from illustration and layout design to image editing and beyond. You can purchase access to essentials, standard, and graphic SUIT as a user.

Gravit Designer

canva alternatives

Gravit Designer is a vector design tool ideal for illustrations and graphics, providing users with a platform to create accurate and scalable designs. This tool specializes in precise design creation using vector graphics. Gravit Designer is tailored for users seeking a versatile solution for crafting scalable and detailed illustrations.

Certainly, every contemporary online service or software has substitutes. Although they might not be as user-friendly initially, users can adapt to each. Canva has alternatives among the mentioned editors, suitable for beginners and experienced users. While selecting, it’s essential to consider the features and user-friendliness of each application.

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