24 Free Mobile Games To Play In 2024

Welcome to the world of mobile gaming, where the possibilities are endless, and the fun never stops. Whether you are a pro player or just love playing games casually, there are free mobile games to cater to the needs of all gamers. You can try shooting and racing games or download the ones with great intellect levels. Play anything you want, and indulge in the best gaming experience.

Listed below are 24 free mobile games that you can play in 2024. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling through the listed names and download them now:

Temple Run

It is one of the most popular free mobile games people prefer. Available as Temple Run and Temple Run 2, you deal with challenges across multiple themes with attractive backdrops in this game. You get to be a part of endless fun. The gameplay is about a character who will run to save himself from multiple obstacles, and the more he runs, the more points he will get. Love adventure, you must download the game.

Candy Crush

What do you prefer? Sweets or savory? In the Candy Crush game, you can always be ready for foursome sweet experiences. Available for more than a decade, since 2012 Candy Crush is a perfect free mobile game for people of any age. The more candy you crush, the more points you get. Make sure you save your game. That will prevent you from having to restart again on the occasion of an update or device change.

Subway Surfer

It is a fast-paced action game filled with animated graphics. Subway Surfer had been on the scene for quite a time. It is most popular as a free mobile game played by children. Where one needs to keep running and escape from the police running behind you, make sure not to get hit by the train, and don’t forget to collect the mystery boxes.

Traffic Rider

Do you love bikes? Then this game is perfect for you. Here, you will participate in a two-wheeled bike race powered by realistic graphics and attractive backgrounds. In the game, sounds, traffic, and the city life depicted are realistic for any player to participate. Make sure to wear a helmet and rev up your engine. The race is about to begin.

Stick Cricket Premier League

Alas, you’ll have to wait a long time for the IPL. But don’t worry- this free game is readily available now. So, make up your team and start playing the Stick Cricket Premier League. You can choose from your favorite player and start hitting Sixes straightaway.

Race The Sun

Begin your journey with jets. This free mobile game is among the high-speed entertainment available. It is surely a compact choice that will increase your adrenaline level. You will be part of a solar-powered craft, with the sun as your death timer. Are you ready for the rush? Hurry up! Download the game.

Mini Metro

Do you want to experiment with strategy-making complexities on your smartphone? Download this free mobile game app to create a mini metro route line for a city yourself. Mini Metro does offer a pleasant puzzle-solving experience.

Fruit Ninja

This free mobile game will make you a perfect Ninja, but you will only be slicing fruits. The more fruit you cut, the more points you will get. Be careful, and don’t cut the bomb. Fruit Ninja is a perfect game for all ages. So go and download it and prepare your delicious fruit bowl.

Pocket City 2

To create a city for yourself, you must play this free mobile game. Pocket City 2 provides an immersive architectural gaming experience where you can build your favorite places using the tools available. So, get it all figured out where you will build your house or where the garden will be, and start playing today.


A popular brain-stimulating game! Sudoku puzzles are the best bet to level up your intellect. Available in numerical form, solving these puzzles within the provided time is always interesting. The more you solve the puzzle, the more points you get. So stop solving sudoku in the newspaper and get access to your smartphone. Give a try to this thoughtful game now.


If you love adventure games, download Badland! This free mobile game is designed according to your gaming interests. Get ready for something terrible inside the forest as you pass through imaginative traps, puzzles, and obstacles to safety.

Nova Series

Are you looking for an extraordinary gaming experience? Then, download one of the many NOVA games. Available in different sequels, the game is filled with action and power-packed performance. Nova games mix sci-fi with action! So wait no more! Go and download this game and brace yourself for an energetic ride. Begin a journey full of adventure and mysteries.

Stardew Valley

What would happen if you were told to inherit your grandpa’s farm? A family-oriented game, in Stardrew Valley, you can enjoy growing veggies and fruits on your farms. Pick them up and store them as well! So what are you waiting for? Go and pick up the freshly grown today.


An intuitive, free mobile game for creative minds. In Minecraft, as a player, you can explore, build, and survive the blocky, pixelated worlds. Its new features provide fabulous graphics, so start crafting your dream structures and battling mob bands today. Also, you can invite your friends to play with you and create new structures now and then.

Hill Climb Racing

It’s an addictive game, indeed. In Hill Climb racing, players must climb a hill with their cute little red car and collect coins. If you are fascinated by adventure, this is the right game to play.

The Room Series

Multiple interactive puzzles with breathtaking visuals full of mystery are an intuitive part of the game. If you are up for mysteries and difficult challenges, this is the perfect place to brainstorm and tackle the available stages.

Cut The Rope

This free mobile game connects players worldwide. It has an animated candy-craving monster that challenges your wit and strategic power as you navigate the series. Cut The Rope has great graphics and mind-blowing mysteries to solve and play.


This free mobile game invites players to navigate an unnamed boy through mysteries, guiding him to a safe place. Limbo has all black-and-white tones based on different film grain and lighting effects. Also, you get to pull through minimal ambient sounds, creating an eerie atmosphere associated with evil and horror.

Ninja Arashi 2

Here, the players can navigate through the world of shadows and overcome treacherous obstacles. It is a game full of adventure! One that will keep you always at the edge. Ninja Arashi is a sequel to the famous Ninja game. You get to be an Aarshi and finally escape the frozen prison.

GTA San Andreas

It is a free mobile game about gang theft and conspiracy with special graphic effects. So get ready to experience chaos, freedom, and storytelling united in one single game.

Two Dots

Two Dots will definitely challenge your intellect levels. Here, you will have to connect two colored dots and win coins in exchange. The higher the level the more it will get harder. Don’t worry, you get second chances always. So wait no more. Download this free mobile game and start connecting the dots today.

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is an interactive physics-based puzzle game. In it, players can jump, roll, and squash monsters and participate in an epic battle. Make sure you use the arrow keys to dribble the Red Ball and knock out stars in the process.

Jungle Marble Blast

The main aim of this game is to shoot the marbles and eliminate the rolling balls. Available in the theme of Egyptian Mythology, Jungle Marble Blast is easy to play. But you can get addicted to it as well! You, as a player, need to clear all the marbles, not letting them reach the end of the path. In the meantime, keep on collecting combos & marbles as many as you can. That way, you will get to score the highest.

Shadow Of Death

Last in the list of free mobile games, Shadow of Death offers a mysterious gaming experience. Its intensive vitals will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download this game on your smartphone today!

That was all about you being able to enjoy the best free mobile games of 2024. So go to your App Store or Play Store today and download one of these games.

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