9 Games Like Roblox For Kids

In the vibrant world of online gaming for kids, Roblox has undoubtedly made a significant impact with its creative and immersive gameplay experiences. It’s a rich addition to one’s daily habit. However, if you are looking for certain alternatives, we have that as well! The following list encompasses 10 games that offer diverse and engaging environments and make a balance between entertainment and learning for young players. So what are you waiting for? Continue to scroll down and explore many more new games like Roblox for kids.

Lego Worlds

Lego World is a captivating sandbox video game developed by Warner Brothers. This game invites players to explore a vast and dynamically generated universe filled with diverse landscapes, biomes, and creatures. With the ability to shape the environment, the players can construct structures using virtual Lego pieces. Also, they can unleash their creativity by discovering hidden treasures.


KoGaMa is an online gaming platform that allows users to create, share, and play games designed by the community. This platform supports a wide range of games, from adventure to racing puzzles. So your kids have a variety of games to go through and enjoy.


Another intuitive name in the list of games like Roblox for kids. This captivating sandbox game invites the players into a vibrant and boundless world teeming with creativity and exploration. Known as the father of Java – James Ghosing came up with the game, incorporating a host of unique features and a dynamic day-night cycle. Creativerse turns out to be the canvas for players, which lets them unleash their imagination and build awesome creations of their own.

Garry’s Mod

It’s a game with a nickname – GMOD. This is a sandbox game developed by Facepunch Studios. Garry’s Mod is a dynamic and open-ended option for players to unleash their creativity in the virtual realm. It encourages experimentation, enabling players to build their characters, props, and various items within an imaginative environment.


Trove is a collaborative, voxel-based option among other games like Robolox. Here, you get to experience elements of adventure, exploration, and creativity. The game has a unique visual style, characterized by blocky, voxel graphics that allow players to shape and modify the environment, building their structures and creations.

Block Land

Block Land is a dynamic virtual world that empowers players to unleash their creativity by building, exploring, and interacting within a customizable environment. Developed by “Badspot,” its dynamic content contributes to a diverse and constantly evolving gaming experience. Overall, Block Land is a captivating and enduring virtual universe for creative expression,

Cubic Castles

You seem to need more information about games like Roblox for kids, so here are all the must-know pieces you need. Cubic Castle is a vibrant, engaging multiplayer game that combines creativity, exploration, and social interaction seamlessly. It provides a platform for players of all ages to construct unique worlds and collaborate in real-time.


So many of you have heard about what Minecraft is. It is a very popular game created by Markus “Notch” Persson and later developed by Mojang. In this game, the players navigate a blocky, procedurally generated environment. They go by mining resources, crafting tools, and constructing impressive structures. From survival challenges against hostile creatures to creating intricate landscapes, it’s a mindful alternative among other games like Roblox for Kids.


Terraria is a captivating blend of exploration, creativity, and combat. It is a 2D game, among the other games like Robolox for kids. Players can mine resources, craft a myriad of items, and face off against a plethora of monsters and bosses within the rich and immersive universe.

In conclusion, the vibrant world of online gaming for kids has been significantly shaped by the impact of Roblox. Thus providing creative and immersive experiences! Each game offers a unique canvas for unleashing creativity, fostering collaboration, and providing an enjoyable gaming experience that goes beyond mere entertainment.

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