A Comprehensive Guide On Cognitive Liberty! Can It Guarantee Mental Privacy?

Diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease, the famous scientist Stephen Hawking was known for his intelligence and memory. His renowned work includes The History of Black Holes, Cosmic Inflation Theory, and The Model Of The Universe’s Wave Function. Even though he could not move his body, his brain executed thoughts alone. Cutting it short to the present situation, we have AI and smart neurotransmitters, using which researchers can project defined images in a person’s brain. Under such a circumstance, humans with fully functional body parts lose control over their brains and thought processes without even knowing. Thus making it even more essential for everyone to understand the importance of Cognitive Liberty. And find out if it can grant them much-needed mental privacy.

What is Cognitive Liberty? Incidents Explaining Violation Of Mental Privacy

Cognitive Liberty is the right to safeguard one’s brain and personal thoughts against trespassers. In a fast pacing world where mind-reading neurotransmitters can hinder our mental privacy, cognitive liberty can save it all.

Coming to the incidents explaining violation of human rights. Here are a few of them to help one understand the situation comprehensively. Thus explaining how the right to Cognitive Liberty can save it all.

Cognitive Liberty
Over time mental privacy is becoming a serious matter of concern

In 2019, the researcher Rafael Yuste was able to implant images directly in the brains of mice and control their behavior. As per future predictions, humans can be the next.

Also, the US Intelligence did report about Havana syndrome faced by their spies and diplomats placed in Havana. Where the individuals were seen suffering from four core characteristics,

  • A prominent onset of the audio-vestibular sensory mechanism.
  • A convenient sense of directionality or locality.
  • Signs like ear pain, loss of balance, and vertigo.
  • No signs of real environmental causes that can trigger such problems.

According to researchers and a team of doctors, electromagnetic energy from pulsed devices might have triggered such outputs. Still, they were unable to point out the main problem exactly.
Otherwise known as microwave weapons, these have the potential to affect a large number of people psychologically.

What is Cognitive Liberty
Your thoughts are vulnerable to third party intrusions

Also, a US-based company, Brainwave Science, offers access to a revolutionary proprietary iCognativeTM technology. This is known to identify the inadvertent signals in an individual’s brain, detecting their future intentions and past actions related to national security, theft business, criminal activities, and fraud. The company aims to deliver truth and justice on a global level.

With all of the technologies mentioned above, the human brain is vulnerable to losing its ability to think without even understanding what made them do so. While against criminals, lie detector machines help victims get adequate justice. However, think of those times when you are a regular human who some research group or terrorist agency targets to fulfill their motive. The right to Cognitive Liberty will save the day.

The Right To Cognitive Liberty – Establishing A Better Future!

Law enforcers are already talking about Cognitive Liberty, and here is how it can help –
Individuals can make free and thoroughly aware decisions about how modern technology can control their thoughts.
Also, a fixed law will protect them from third-party specific, unconsented-to intrusions into brain data and breaches of mental privacy.

With technology already advanced, it is impossible to tone down or stop inventors from progressing with their future-proof discoveries. And in the process, the human race will encounter certain fraudsters who will take advantage of the situation playing with innocent minds. Under such a circumstance, the right to Cognitive Liberty will work effectively, providing all the necessary guidance and the right type of shield from situations that demand the safety and confidentiality of one’s thoughts.

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