Amazon Alexa To Get ChatGPT Like Generative AI Features

We all are familiar with Alexa being the most innovative home manager taking care of every task in the best way possible. But so far, Amazon Alexa could fetch data from a database, solely relying on internet accommodations.

However, what if someone tells you that Alexa can now think and answer like ChatGPT? Well-leaked documents testify that Amazon is working towards establishing Alexa as an entity that thinks independently. A significant section, “Alexa LLM Entertainment Use Cases,” helps people think about how the revamped version will make media recommendations, storytelling, and news delivery more conversational.

Amazon Alexa Getting ChatGPT Like Generative AI Features – Example

An example in the document does describe Alexa being able to come up with a bedtime story about a cat & a moon – after an eight-year-old asks it to do so. Similar to ChatGPT, Alexa was able to make a whole story about “Mittens,” the first cat to have been able to go to the Moon. Also, in the story, Alexa uses an Echo Snow camera to visualize the child holding an Olaf toy. Thus making a smart move to incorporate another character.

Amazon Alexa About To Get A Reboot

Alexa’s new generative AI features are solely based on Amazon’s internally developed Large Language Model. The company has named its own LLM the “Alexa Teacher Model” and does not believe in using third-party LLMs as others do. For example – Microsoft uses OpenAi’s model for its Bing.

As narrated by the company spokesperson, “Amazon Alexa” is currently getting prepped for a more capable and generalized version.

Since Amazon has been using the “Alexa Teacher Model” for many years, it is now trying to shift the focus to a more conversational and proactive functional type.

The sources further added that Amazon Alexa can now understand complex entertainment requests. It can offer accurate and personalized results which are more context-specific.

For example, if you are looking for a show similar to “Emily in Paris,” with less focus on fashion. Alexa can offer suggestions like Prime Video’s “Marvelous Mrs Maisel.” On asking for more female lead-oriented shows, it will provide adequate responses.

Also, another example showcases a user asking Alexa to find “shows on Netflix or HBO, where the rich people are going to Hawaii or Sicily for their vacation.” Alexa can figure out that it is “The White Lotus.” When the user asks what the cast is, Alexa could show the same through FireTv. It even asks whether the user wants to get a subscription to HBO.

Final Thoughts On Amazon Alexa Getting ChatGPT Like Generative AI Features

Amid the release of modern generative AI models like Wearable AI, ChatGPT, GPT 4, and Auto GPT, once buzzy “Amazon Alexa” seemingly struggled with its future pathway in the industry. Now Amazon engineers working to reboot the entire technology and make it future-ready saves the day.

Amid the layoff clouds, this also creates a sense of relief for Amazon employees who might now have multiple projects to work on.

There have been no official announcements from Amazon still now.

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