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Mullvad Browser Will Provide You With Ample Privacy On The Internet

As per statistical reports, 63% of internet users complain that companies are not transparent enough about their data use. 48% of them have stopped shopping from a particular brand because of privacy issues. To mitigate the situation, 120 countries have developed data protection laws, claiming to provide better safety to their citizens’ data shared on the internet. However, one question still bothers the netizens “Do they have ample privacy on the internet?” For an ultimate browsing experience with privacy added on, you can now install the Mullvad Browser.

Mullvad Browser And The Thought Behind

Two exclusively standardized names on the internet, Mullvad VPN & the Tor Project, have come together, introducing the Mullvad Browser.

According to Jan Jonsson (CEO of Mullvad VPN) – The aim is to free the internet from mass surveillance, for which only VPN is insufficient. The company detected a gap in the market where internet users were searching for a privacy-oriented browser, just like the Tor Project. But they were not ready to go for a VPN of the same company.

He added that the Tor Project is already a well-established browser in its field, abiding by adequate rules related to online privacy and the protection of human rights. The organization is entirely nonprofit and seeks to defend online privacy over free, open-source technologies like Tor Browser, Snowflake, and Onion Services.

The Mullvad Browser – To Offer Ample Privacy On The Internet

Tor Project’s Executive Director Isabela Fernandes states that the browser offers internet users the right kind of privacy. This is the ultimate challenge against the existing exploitative business model. Where the internet users’ data is not safe in the hands of the pre-existing browsers.

The Mullvad browser collaboration is an active initiative toward raising awareness that digital rights are also human rights, and one must not give up on the same. The team wants to encourage others to think alike and download the browser for free.

Browser Specifications

You can use the browser free of cost and without investing in a Mullvad VPN. However, the combination is recommended for adequate output.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS, and Windows
  • Download It From:
  • Supported Language: English


Here is a list of advantages that you will get to avail of by using the browser:

  • The timezone is spoofed in the browser to help you with complete anonymity and protect against fingerprinting.
  • There is no password manager that you will find with the same. The company recommends you use an external one for more safety.
  • The developer team behind has kept the number of features in the browser to a minimal level. They believe that privacy comes first and too many features will help the trespassers identify essential data over fingerprinting.

Mullvad – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mullvad Safe?

You can trust Mullvad with safety. The program never collects any log or personal information alike. Also, using the latest technology ensures that internet traffic is untraceable. The company guarantees complete anonymity over the Internet.

What Information does the Mullvad browser collect?

Does the Mullvad have a browser extension?
You can download the Mullvad browser extension for Firefox. It is available with various recommendations and privacy settings in a single place.

Is it possible to use the Mullvad browser without a VPN?
Yes! You can. But your IP address will not be masked if the VPN is untrustworthy. In that case, you are still at risk of data collectors collecting your browser essentials and confidential inputs.

How are the Tor browser and Mullvad browser different?
The Tor browser is available over the Tor network, while you can use the browser with a VPN of choice. The difference lies in the usage of the network.

Does Mullvad (Browser) make outgoing connections?
Below is a list of requests that the browser does by default:

  • Browser update (Mullvad)
  • Mullvad DoH (Mullvad)
  • Extension update of the browser (Mullvad)
  • Unblock Origin/NoScript Update (Mozilla)
  • Domains & Certificates Update (Mozilla)
  • List-wise update of unblock origin filter (multiple lists)

Is the browser available on smartphones?
Until now, it is not available for use on smartphones.

Where can you share an idea or report a bug related to the Mullvad browser?
You can send an email to or report it on GitHub.

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